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The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Ask-A-Rapist Edition

This week on the Sexist:

1. Don't Know If You Were Raped? Ask Your Rapist! in which rapists are not the best people to consult on matters of consent.

2. Patience Is a (Feminist) Virtue, in which pop culture re-brands the tradition of feminine patience for a new generation.

3. Should We Remember Mike Penner or Christine Daniels?, in which a transgender sportswriter's death presents obituary writers with a pronoun problem.

4. The Case for Eulogizing Christine Daniels, in which one obit writer speaks out about her choice.

5. Chris Brown: "I Love Women", in which Gene Weingarten adds himself to the list of the phrase's defenders.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Re the cultural re-packaging of "patience" for a new generation of girls & women, Gramschi's Cultural Hegemony Theory had it right: Agents of capitalism imbue society with ideas & "norms" that further the aims of the capitalists.

    E.g., "the American Dream" - why isn't it justice? why isn't it liberty? why is it - for almost everyone - a house with a white picket fence & two cars & two kids & a dog & a cat? This is due to the Cultural Hegemony of the capitalist agents ["artists" at times] who work to further the interests of a few ultra-rich people.