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Lil Wayne and Mack Maine Will Demean Every Girl In the World

Lil Wayne Feat Young Money – Every Girl / NEW
by PeteRock

When I wrote my piece parsing the feminist and misogynist undertones in the works of Lil Wayne, I overlooked one verse from "We Like Her," Wayne's ode to wanting to "fuck every girl in the world":

This verse comes courtesy of Mack Maine, president of Weezy's Young Money Entertainment:

For free suites, I'd give Paris Hilton all-nighters
In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus
I don't discriminate, no not at all
Kit Kat a midget if that ass soft I break her off
I exchange V-Cards with the retards
And get behind the Christian like Dior

So . . . Mack Maine is interested in having sex with celebrity socialites, girls who will reach the age of consent sometime in the future, Christians, women affected by dwarfism (with soft asses), and virgins with developmental disabilities. But don't worry, he does not discriminate as to which female vessel he achieves sexual release in.

I've heard this song on the radio dozens of times, but I must have blocked this verse out in order to avoid that special combination of offensive terminology and sexual assault overtones. Last night, my boyfriend called to confirm that he had actually heard the line, "V-Cards with the retards," broadcast over the radio. He did. Hey, as long as it's not "no homo," it's okay by them.

When Mack Maine says he'll have sex with Paris Hilton in exchange for free hotel rooms, he is dreaming. When he says he will "exchange" V-cards—I doubt Mack Maine is still holding on to his, but you never know—with developmentally disabled virgins, he is actually frightening me. It's also one of the more pathetic attempts at swagger I've ever come across. But good for him, he made something rhyme.

  • Deanwoodenizen

    Take you pick: the radio stations probably can't understand lyrics, are caught in the beat, or caught up with Lil' Wayne. Whatever the reason it is gross and could be seen as a double standard. Remember "Shoop" by Salt 'n' Pepa? When the guy raps near the song's end he has a lyric about how his sexin' is so good he'll "have ya soundin' like a retard" and it includes a stereotypical "retard" noise. If I remember on radio and in the video "retard" was skipped for awhile. At about 3:20 is the line:

  • rosmar

    I agree with your overall sentiment, but I don't see the virgins part in this verse. What am I missing?

  • Amanda Hess

    @rosmar: Sorry for not spelling this out. For the uninitiated: V-Card is slang for virgin.

  • Alex

    Get a sense of humor

  • sedcdude

    @ Alex
    Ya think????! And a life while they're at it!

  • stella

    using the word retard is wrong any way you look at it.
    I don't care if you're a rapper and use the N word. You own that word and you decide how to use it. The R word is off limits to you. It's owned by the special needs community and we're telling you to lay off.

  • lazyy

    Hmm,,, lmao @ stella....

    i don't think it's too bad... I get your point though...

  • Linda

    While vCard is an actual format for exchanging contact information I am not giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  • black scientist

    the song is called "every girl". and the verse you're referring to is actually drake's verse -- not mack maine's. reading this post and some of the others on lil wayne, it seems as though the writers do not really know much about hip-hop. not to defend any of his message or content, but a lot of wayne's lyrics are hip-hop references. i mean, i just don't understand how you could make a post about a hip-hop artist and not know anything about the art itself, or not put in the effort to research. something as simple as a song title or WHO is rapping should be correct, i think. if you'd like i'd be more than happy to point out at least 5 instances of misinterpretation based on lack of understanding or just wrong facts.

    no shade, just saying.