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Westboro Baptist Church Hates Gays, Michael Ian Black, Loves Rainn Wilson


It's World AIDS Day, the one day a year when members of Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church emerge from their Topeka, Kan. congregation to share their irrational hatred of gay people with the world. Oops, that's every day. But today, the church is particularly peeved. According to Phelps spawn Megan Phelps-Roper's Twitter feed, "God" doesn't just "Hates Fags" today. He also hates Michael Ian Black. (God still loves the respectfully clever comedic stylings of Rainn Wilson, however).

Will Phelps-Roper lose sight of her aggressive homophobic agenda in her excitement at virtually hobnobbing with minor television personalities? Twitter takes us inside the star-crossed homophobic mind of @meganphelps, after the jump:

First, @MichaelIanBlack flatters her:


@MeganPhelps flirts back:


But soon, @MichaelIanBlack gets too forward:


@MeganPhelps is dismayed at the direction @MichaelIanBlack's career has taken as of late:


You know @RainnWilson could come up with something mildly clever! Something . . . like . . . this:


  • Christina

    I think you missed the tweet from Rainn that immediately following it, which was "I think it's important to see what the forces of love & unity are up against. God must hate hemophiliacs, Haitians & kids of IV drug users!"

    So... not great, but not that bad?

  • Rick Mangus

    As far as the so-called Rev. Fred Phelps and his retarded children go, I am reminded of an old saying that I live by. "I promise to never to piss on you're grave when you die, because I made a promise long before that, that I will never stand in line again".

  • melysa martinez

    She should be happy Michael Ian Black only threatened to titty fuck her, and not give her a facial. I'm sorry, did I say threaten? I meant offered.