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Arizona State Is The Tucker Max Capital of the World

In an interview on, Tucker Max clung to his dwindling relevance by blaming the failure of the movie I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell on other people, comparing himself favorably to Dane Cook, and touting the film's successes in Tempe, Ariz. Of course that's the last bastion of Tucker Max supporters. Tucker Max was made for Tempe!

Max on his Tempe celebrity:

We had a $10,000 or $15,000 per screen average in New York City. It did great! Then, like, Tempe, $10,000. Then we open it up in a place like Carbondale, and I’m like: "Why are you guys opening in Carbondale? Oh, it’s Southern Illinois — they like you.” They just don’t know the f*cking movies! They don’t get first-run movies, so of course it has, like, a $500 per screen average there and it looks like… F*ck, dude, it was so frustrating on so many levels. [sighs] That’s something I would’ve done different.

So, either the folks of Carbondale, Ill. don't understand "fucking movies," or they don't understand the fucking movies of Tucker Max. How could they? Max's subdued humor is fine-tuned to the delicate aesthetics of Tempe, Ariz., a town that (in addition to being my hometown), hosts Arizona State University. ASU, for the uninitiated, is the state's most prestigious center of higher beer bongs, and the school the Daily Show crowned the "The Harvard of Date Rape."

Coincidence? I think not. That leaves us only to tidy up the film's apparent success in New York City: Here's my theory.

  • Sealz

    Hey, I'm actually in C'dale from DC right now. Maybe its a university town and people don't like sexism here?

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  • Nom Chompsky

    I didn't agree with everything he wrote, but I had a lot of respect for him for gambling and trying to make his movie on his terms. He's a smart guy, and dedicated, but this sounds pretty fucking delusional.

    He gambled. He lost. That's what happens when you go for long shots. It seems like cognitive dissonance to at once avow how "groundbreaking and risky" your strategy is than act surprised when it fails. He's like a Vegas neophyte that put his whole roll on a single roulette spin then starts blaming the guy who spun the wheel when he loses.

  • Barbobaggins

    As a somewhat proud ex-citizen of the Land of Lincoln I would like to mention that Illinois, including Carbondale, does get first run movies which people do go out to see.

    Just not Tucker Max films.

    Because we have some taste. Unlike Iowa (sorry Iowans). Also, if we wanted to watch someone fail miserably on a large screen we'd watch the jumbo-tron at Wrigley Field or read up on our many illustrious governors.

  • Quigo

    His relevance IS dwindling, with no help from Amanda Hess.

    Translation: stop bringing him up!

  • Brokenhats

    Have you considered that Tucker might be lying? If his movie was really doing those sorts of numbers, then why did those theaters drop it? Contrary to popular belief, theaters actually like to make money.