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The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Sarah Palin Lip Hair Edition

Thanks to the 163,364 of you who stopped by this week to read about Sarah Palin's lip hair. I guess.

1. Sarah Palin, Lip Hairs and All, in which Newsweek focuses on Sarah Palin's face.

2. The Final Hours of the Washington Blade, in which the Blade falls, but the DC Agenda rises.

3. Sarah Palin’s Entire Existence is Sexist, in which Newsweek focuses on Sarah Palin's bod.

4. Rapists Who Don't Think They're Rapists, featuring trolls.

5. Chris Brown: I Love Women, in which Chris Brown joins the ranks of Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and the skeevy guy from The Continental.

Photo via Library of Virginia

  • Q

    So it's "lip hair" for white women but moustaches for women of color. Great, society. Thanks.