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The Washington Blade Is Now the D.C. Agenda

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The Washington Blade served as D.C.'s gay newspaper of record from 1969 until Monday morning. This Friday, the paper intends to return as the D.C. Agenda. Editor Kevin Naff confirmed the re-Christening this evening at an event at the Hard Rock Hotel supporting the paper's rebirth.
Naff, who was accompanied by about 100 supporters at the Hard Rock Hotel event, says he believes that all of the Washington Blade's former staffers are in on the new project. Their first task, he says, was to agree on a new name for the paper. D.C. Advocate Agenda, Naff says, was "a group decision of about 25 of us." Earlier today, the paper sealed the deal by securing its new Twitter account, @DCAgenda.

Now, the staff just needs to decide which aspects of the Blade to carry on in its new Agenda. "This is still very new," Naff says. "We're still looking at everything. Our core strength has always been news coverage, and that's going to remain our core strength. But we're not going to ignore the other areas, as well."

The new outfit will need to get its editorial priorities straight quickly. The first issue of the paper, due to hit newsstands this Friday, Nov. 20, has already sold "six pages of ads without even trying," Naff reports. "We were initially thinking of releasing it just as a newsletter, a leaflet, just to say, 'hey, we're still around,'" Naff says. "Now, we have plenty of space to fill."

  • Tired

    "Their first task, he says, was to agree on a new name for the paper. D.C. Advocate, Naff says"

    not advocate


  • Bryan

    I'm sure they couldn't keep the name Blade, but considering the history of the paper, I wish they'd come up with something that was at least a little reminiscent of the old name.

    Assuming they didn't like that idea, something a little more catchy than "D.C. Agenda" might have been nice. It's so uninspiring. The Blade was a trailblazer, it spoke of our need to fight for our rights and assert ourselves in the world. The Agenda sounds so "status quo"-ey. It's like the newspaper title version of what the HRC has become. I'm a little disappointed. OOOr, maybe I'm just overthinking it.

  • Just a suggestion

    DC Pride works for me.

  • Amanda Hess

    Sorry, Tired. I was also very tired when I wrote this. The post has been updated.

  • Rick Mangus

    Same staff, same attitude, same lazy journalism. My father had a say, "You Can't Shine Shit".

  • Reid

    Rick - Mythbusters proved your dad wrong.

  • WardQueen

    "Lets put on a Show!"

    DCAgenda sounds like a compromise made between 25 people. What a bold embrace of idenity!

    What's next?
    MOCOAgenda, PGAgenda, NOVAAgenda - oh, no, that's right no gay people still live in Virginia.

    I am beginning to lose respect. Where bold leadership is called for we have a Brownie Troop leader.

    I sure hope associating with this doesn't screw up anyone's unemployment.

  • Thom DC

    Kevin Naff finally gets to pee again, all over NOVA and MD! What a disaster.

  • Korrupt

    Most likely the six pages of advertising were placed in the old Blade. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

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  • wjf

    I think Kevin did a terrific job as editor of The Blade and I look forward to his leadership with DCAgenda. I believe that it should focus on it online presence and I would gladly pay for an online subscription. Kevin as I have written to you before, you rock!

  • Rick Mangus

    Dear wjf are you smoking crack?

  • Skeeter Sanders

    I'm sorry, but I don't buy the notion that the the rights to the name The Washington Blade could not be obtained by the paper's staff. There's too much history attached to that name to allow it to fade into oblivion -- especially since the new paper's staff all come from the Blade.

    The name DC Agenda is too activist-flavored. It sounds and reads like the newsletter of the DC-based Human Rights Campaign. The Blade was about journalism, not activism and the new paper's name should reflect that.

    DC Agenda cuts no ice with me. There has to be a way to obtain the rights to the Blade's name; no other name fits.

  • Dave Thorne

    I concur with Skeeter Sanders. Please try to obtain the copyrighted name of The Washington Blade from the parent company. It does them no good now, or in the foreseeable future, but could keep the 40 yr tradition going for another x years.
    DC Agenda is already the name of another local agency, as stated on their website:
    "DC Agenda was originally formed by the Federal City Council, a business organization, in cooperation with several government officials in former Barry administrations."
    Furthermore, the "Gay Agenda" or "Militant Gay Agenda" has been used by our enemies for their own purposes and now has some undesirable connotations.
    Wish you luck on establishing a staff-owned or locally supported organization. Hope you can rebuild most of its contents since each section had its own purpose and audience. I understand from an NPR interview that the Blade was in fact profitable! Being free raises circulation & readership of course, but most free takers would easily pay, say, 25 cents (how long it would take to pay off vending machines is another matter).
    That's just A Penny per Bitch.