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It Was A Bad Week For Missed Connections

Sometimes, Craigslist Missed Connections have the power to renew your faith in love-at-first sight. Other times, they will destroy your faith in humanity. This is one of those times.

I don't know what possibly could have happened this week to inspire some of the saddest missed connections that I have ever seen, but it's not my place to speculate—Internet stalking works in mysterious ways.

First up: can two "sell outs" make it work?


You: Older Gentleman Jeans and Jacket in Section 429 at Springsteen concert Monday.

Me: 5 feet aisle seat. Dark skin brown hair Jeans, black T-shirt. I danced and sang along all night at show.

I questioned if show would be a sell out. You suggested it was a sell out. Sensed a connection.
Would love to chat over coffee.

She wore a vest. He wore a lip sweater:

great mustache, no shirt – w4m – 24 (Columbia Heights)

You were riding your bike without a shirt. You have an amazing mustache and a sly smile. I was wearing a vest sitting at the wonderland. I hope we can connect.

He was having lunch at a Hooters in Manassas. OF COURSE he's checking this to see if any of the girls at Hooters secretly wanted to fuck him!

lunch at Hooters – w4m – 27 (Manassas, VA)

hoping there's a chance you check this . . . saw you having lunch with 2 other men at Hooters in Manassas today. Started to slip you my number, but missed the opportunity. The guy I was with is not my boyfriend. It would be nice to see you again

So, you're cheating on your wife, and you're cheap. Perfect.

ashley madison profile – m4w – 37 (Reston)

You winked at me on Ashley Madison web site , ID- "I_might_surprise_you". I have a free account so I cannot reply.

And you met your astrologer at a strip club. In 1985. You know what? I think we've finally found a match that makes sense.

Brian Sullivan- ASTROLOGER- I am looking for him (Washington, DC) (CAMELOT – 1823 M ST — (Washington, DC ))

I am looking for — Brain Sullivan —— Professional ASTROLOGER — ( & English Teacher)

He lives in Washington, DC

He is 40+ — slim white male — with pale skin — & white hair.


( & he also teaches English on the side)

I have lost contact with him and wish to see him.

He is my astrologer. i have known him since 1985

he knows me well

I wish to find him so I can set up a NEW astrology reading from him .

Photo by ::PinkDiamonds::, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.' Kate Moss, 2009. Oh - I love her.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,
    Said Kate Moss after skipping two meals,
    Ms. Moss is really quite boss
    I’d love to give her a toss,
    Her lithe figure to my eye appeals.

    Until like jello our love congeals.
    Until the night is pierced with our squeals.

  • Amanda Hess

    Get a blog.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Malfunction Junction, what’s your function? ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫
    Trippin’ up kids - extreme unction.

    Malfunction Junction, what’s your function? ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫
    Trippin’ up kids – no punks, son.

    Malfunction Junction, what’s your function? ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫
    Penis vagina, in conjunction.

    Malfunction Junction, what’s your function? ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫
    Trippin’ up kids - extreme unction.

    Malfunction Junction, what’s your function? ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫
    Trippin’ up kids - extreme unction.

  • Glad I’m not Bald

    What an aweful thing that Jana Baldwin and friends are doing to a good company like CVS. It is so sad to see a store get taken down by a small group of people like Jana Baldwin. I live in Maine and we are like 99% white community and I can tell you I know of tons of quick stop stores that have condoms behind the counter. I know of many of big box stores that only have condoms at the checkout. And i know of even some drug stores that have them under lock and key. It appears that Jana Baldwin just wants CVS to have condoms put outside of the store with an honor box that says please pay. The bottom line is that CVS is not trying to start a race issue. Like anywhere you go if a store has an item that has a high theaft they need to have options to prevent these items from being stolen. Its a pain in the butt when i have to speak with a manager to buy an IPOD but i understand why stores put them under lock and key. I think its time for Jana Baldwin to get a real job and stop wasting Managers and CVS time and money. It appears to me that she has just dreamed up in her head that CVS is trying to prevent inner city young adults from getting condoms which is so silly. The bottomline Jana if you really want to make a differance spend time spreading the word on how to obtain free condoms i think you would set a better example. The fact that this website allows to publish such nonsense on the site is so crazy. I think i need to start a campain to request that stores stop locking up Prepaid cell phones. It would be a shame if someone who needs to make a call and couldn't all because these aweful stores are trying to protect the bottomline. Also the reason the stores don't lock up the $50 shampoo (not sure what kind you are talking about but whatever) is because these items aren't getting stolen. Why doesn't Walmart lock up $1,000 TVs?? humm maybe because these dont fit nicely inside jacket pockets. Also local police departments dont have time chasing down theives for $6 condoms. I got a idea Jana Baldwin why don't you start a fundraiser and open little condom shops that offer condoms that aren't locked up? Hummmm.. That sounds like a better waste of time.

    Goodness America what kind of world have we come toooo.

  • Jam

    it's a good week for missed connections-inspired art-inspired videos:

  • JANA BALDWIN the one and ONLY

    Firstly, I love my last name! It is my mothers maiden name and I wear it with pride. THANK YOU Mr. I AM SURE YOU WILL BE BALD at some point.
    Ok- here is the deal- It is clear that you do not see the FULL SCOPE. Nor have you been on my "journey"that I have been on in regards to condoms in DC.
    Did you know that I am WHITE? CVS has made this about COLOR so I will too. DO you want to talk about theft? Let's talk about the URBAN WHITE KIDS that go to GW that STEAL. This is straight from Managers at the CVS's in the same vicinity of said CVS's around GW's campus. Shall we discuss the upwards of $30,000 that is lost in the CVS in the Watergate complex? Hmmmmmm. I ask you Mr. WILL be bald. . . WHY don't they lock up anything? Oh wait- every CVS puts their razors in clickboxes, but that is about it. Stealing is wrong. I never have stolen anything in my life ever and don't plan on it. This is about equality. It is also about the bigger picture- that is why I shop at Target. They don't sell cigarettes and they don't lock up their condoms. In fact when I told the manager of how deplorable CVS was- he expanded their aisle. CVS makes their money in their RX's. They are in fact a pharmacy. This is not about the Mom and Pop stores- that is a separate discussion. This is about CVS the monopoly in DC- 52 stores strong. I think you missed the connection. In fact- you should check out my other blog- I dress up as a condom to hand out condoms. I personally don't think that trying to reduce HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, reduce STI's, increase education in DC is a waste of time- but that's just me. Ipods and condoms- really? I hope you are not an attorney or didn't take any standardized test where you have to draw conclusions about word matching. The two are not comparable. Did you ever think that the reason that people steal condoms is because of the judgment of narrow minded people like yourself? I am so thankful for the continued opportunity I have to educate people like yourself against inequalities in the District. Happy Thanksgiving! See you at your local CVS!

  • Jana supporter

    Go on, Jana, sing it! To "Glad I'm Not Bald": you are the one who probably needs to get a "real" job if you are spending time bashing someone you have never even met on an anonymous blog. Ms. Baldwin is committed, passionate, and knowledgeable about public health. Before you can even talk about her mistakes, perhaps you should check your facts, along with your grammar. Your rant is full of incomplete sentences and misspelled words. Get a clue.