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Radio Station Promotion Promises Rihanna and Chris Brown “Together Again”

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Do you wish that Rihanna and Chris Brown would put aside their differences and resume their abusive relationship already? No? Then you'll hate WPGC's newest concert promotion!

WPGC 99.5, a D.C. hip-hop and R&B station, is currently airing a concert promotion that uses the theme of "bringing Chris and Rihanna back together" in order to get people to listen to the radio.

In truth, the concert is offering up tickets to see Chris Brown in D.C. and Rihanna in London, so WPGC is only bringing Chris Brown and Rihanna within 3600 miles miles of each other, but look! They creepily Photoshopped a picture of them together, so it's almost like the real thing. "95.5 is brining Rihanna and Chris Brown together again... sort of!!" the promotion announces. "win tickets to see Chris Brown in DC and qualify to see Rihanna in concert in London! Everytime you win Chris Brown tickets you qualify!"

And just in case you didn't get that it was a joke about how Chris Brown beat up Rihanna and wouldn't it be great if that was still happening: "Bringing Chris and Rihanna back together—-within legal restraining order limitations of course—-From 955 PGC!!"

I understand that the only thing that might make someone excited to win Chris Brown tickets anymore is the possibility of also winning Rihanna tickets. And hey, I would love to win a couple of free tickets to see Rihanna in London! But this promotion is so offensive, I'm not sure I could really muster the strength to pick up the phone to be the 9th caller here. Who is the target audience for this? People who truly want to watch Chris Brown in concert, travel a few thousand miles to watch Rihanna in concert, and in the meantime think about how awesome it would be if those lovebirds could make it work? Or people who think domestic violence is so totally hilarious, this strange virtual double-billing is worth the joke? Who knows: Maybe Chris Brown's team just wanted people to know that he was back on tour again, since it's not like he can make much news on his own without invoking the shining stardom of the girlfriend he beat up nine times.

  • kza

    I think she went back to him eight or nine times. I couldn't find any news reports saying he beat her nine times. That's kind of a big difference.

  • Amanda Hess

    In her interview with Diane Sawyer, Rihanna said she went back to Chris Brown "eight or nine times" after separate domestic violence incidents over the course of the relationship---not "eight or nine times" after the last incident, in February. That clip:

  • B

    no they were GENERALIZING..she wasnt talking about herself going back 8 or 9 times..Diane asked along the lines of "they say women go back 8 times" and then rihanna's like "no 9 times" it made it SEEM like she went back 9 times...but when u listen carefully thats not what theyre sly is that?

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  • Bob

    Thank you #3. People are so stupid to think Rihanna said she went back 8 or 9 times in the interview because as you said, she was correcting Diane on the STATISTIC. Idiots.

  • Becca

    “95.5 is brining Rihanna and Chris Brown together again… sort of!!” the promotion announces.

    So they're going to be pickled?