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GW Grad Claims MTV Made Him A “Womanizing Jerk”

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Freddie Fackelmayer, a 2005 graduate of the George Washington University, wants everyone to know that he's not a "womanizing jerk." Fackelmayer just finished up a stint as fake boyfriend to reality television star Whitney Port on MTV's "The City," a fake show about Port's real life working in the fashion industry, a career she secured by virtue of being a reality television star. Anyway, Fackelmayer recently granted an interview with the G.W. Hatchet about how his fake relationship with a reality television star was totally misrepresented on the T.V.!

"They can still make you look however they want," Fackelmayer told the Hatchet. "They made me be this sort of womanizing jerk, which is not really who I am," he said. How does that work? According to  Fackelmayer, MTV "never asked the cast to say or do anything, but the editing that followed skewed what actually happens." He adds: "You know they cut it up [into] little bits and they pick what they want to make it as interesting as possible and it's tough not to look like a jerk, I think."

I want to believe Fackelmayer that he's not the kind of jerk with a fake tan who summers in the Hamptons and cheats on his girlfriend for the purposes of a reality TV show, but how can we know for sure? Let's check out the other facts about Fackelmayer revealed in the story:

- He was on a reality television show

- He majored in finance

- He still acts like a GW kid [Full disclosure: I went there]. "When I first saw him I thought he was a bit of an Adonis, tan, beautiful, he's a real switch-up," one GW student told the Hatchet. "At first I was shocked to hear he was a GW student, but after I heard him talk and watched him for a while, it made a lot of sense. I feel he fits into what a GW student would be."

He works for a commercial real estate company

- He was in a frat

- He recruited one of his frat friends to corroborate his story: "It's just that you can't really find out who someone is through like 17 minutes, or however long it is."

- This: "Fackelmayer, who said he arrived to GW in his khakis and flip-flops from Connecticut, soon became accustomed to jeans, Georgetown and the lifestyle D.C. has to offer."

- He's writing a novel. "I'm speaking with agents, and that's actually something that actually has been helpful, because agents, if you're a first-time writer, its really difficult to get your foot in the door, but I sort of skipped those really difficult first steps because most of them had heard of me."

Hmm. I don't know. Womanizing jerk, or victim of the media? You be the judge.

  • Kira

    He sounds like a pompous jerk for sure, but I didn't see much about "womanizing" in those listed facts. I haven't seen the show, so I don't know how this guy looked or acted while on MTV, but I just don't think the point is automatically made, there.

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  • Quinn

    I don't care if he is a womanizer. I do care, however, that he thinks its normal and acceptable to bring his father along on dates with women he barely knows. Whitney thought she was going on a dinner date with Freddie during a recent episode. So she gets to the restaurant and he's sitting next to this "old guy." Turns out its Freddie's dad. Although he doesn't stay for the entire date, he stays long enough to criticize Whitney's clothing line dreams. I mean, who does that?

  • br

    i graduated with him, hung out with him.. and yeah.. he is a jerk

  • jules

    you know what bugs me the most? this guy thinks he can write a book now!

  • No Tom P

    Typical GW hunk probably means he was gay for pay and now no longer cares so much about the pay. He is no womanizer, he prefers being the woman, in fact he gets into a kind of frenzy about being the woman, please let him be the woman,PLEASE, NOW, ...

    I don't think he is all that good looking but being a GW student he probably learned that what looks he does have are "marketable". As a GW alum it is doubtful he can write a book, maybe a paragraph. He does know though how to make sure you leave the cash on top of the bureau.

    His "father", sure you didn't mean his "Daddy"?

  • Thom

    Gay for sure! Been there, done that!

  • Freddie

    Thom? Which Thom? Was this at GW?