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Which Maine Potheads Hate Gays?

A friend* pointed me to an interesting divide in the Maine election results: While only 47 percent of Maine voters opted to keep same-sex marriage legal, a full 59 percent voted to legalize medicinal marijuana. By my expert analysis, that means that a significant percentage of Maine's voters are raging potheads who hate gay people.

Here are the latest election results:

Overturn same-sex marriage:

Yes: 53 percent

No: 47 percent

Legalize Medicinal Marijuana:

Yes: 59 percent

No: 41 percent

So, which residents of Maine are fighting for their right to get high while expressing their disregard for the civil rights of gay people? My friend floats a theory: Frat guys?

* In order for me to steal his idea, he insisted that he be described as "sexy."

Photo by wstryder, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

  • THe Truth

    I didn't think it was possible, but your math is worse than your writing.

  • Amanda Hess

    I purposefully avoided doing any math!

  • THe Truth

    THAT explains it! Sorry! :)

  • Em

    I mean, it's only 6%, but isn't 6% of any population frat guys? (admittedly, that math took way longer in my brain than it should have).

    Maybe activists should be marketing to frat guys! Give out free booze at the rallies and put scantily clad women on the fliers. They may not even know what they're voting for.

  • mj

    It is 12%, not 6%. No on Question 1 is the pro-marriage-equality position, which got 47%. Yes on the marijuana question legalizes it. So 59% say legalize marijuana, 47% say let every couple marry. That's 12%.

  • A

    sorry, this article fails. the percentages you give are for people who actually voted on that proposition. in terms of everyone who voted that day, there is only about a 1% difference between the gay marriage and weed proposition. also, not everyone who voted on one prop may have voted for the other because some people didnt even vote on them at all. this distorts the 1% even further to a trivial amount.

  • Em

    I consistently favor legalization of marijuana, medical or otherwise - but don't even smoke. Ever.

    Of course, I am also not homophobic, but the conclusion that some of the homophobic voters were also potheads is not necessarily accurate.

    To the last commenter - the "amount" is not trivial or nontrivial because of the proportion it represents of a particular larger population. 1% of Maine voters is a large number of people.

    Doesn't mean the article is all that meaningful.

  • Coleman

    Yo, pass the Dutch! homo.

  • Dave

    Remember everyone, the bible teaches us that homosexuality is a sin. It also teaches us that God put all the plants an animals on the earth for our benifit. If you're trying to figure out that 12%, you need only to look to the Lord's word.

  • THe Truth

    I don't know what more full of shit: the bible, or people who cite it.

  • THe Truth


    Props!!! woot woot! :D

  • THe Truth

    The conclusion that all of those who voted against gay marriage are homophobic is also false.

  • Simone

    You guys...?

    I think this article is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. The author is just pointing out that it's a little bizarre for a state to abolish gay marriage, and legalize marijuana; I don't think we're supposed to take the actual statistics all that seriously.

  • THe Truth

    Well, where's the fun in that?!

  • jules

    @Simone: No, Simone we should take it VERY SERIOUSLY, this is a BLOG POST, practically the word of GOD.

  • Tiffani W

    My main theory would be that anti-gay marriage people specifically came to vote on that issue, while many fewer people would be enraged enough at the potentiality of legal medical marijuana to turn out specifically for the purpose of voting against it. People might have skipped other props that they weren't as interested in?

  • Christina

    Maybe they were so stoned they just decided to check "yes" to everything. They were just trying to keep it positive.