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Dr. Ruth Jacobs Is Back With More Bizarre Genital Commentary


Last we checked in with Dr. Ruth Jacobs, president of the Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government, she was explaining why transgender women should not be allowed in her bathroom: “If somebody with an opposite body part is allowed in to a ladies’ restroom—a guy who has a penis, who could put his penis inside my vagina—what am I to do?” Jacobs said. “We need to be able to retain the right to speak up about men in our bathrooms without being labeled bigots.”

Okay! Well, now Dr. Jacobs is back to apply her anatomical expertise to the issue of gay marriage. Let's see what she has to say!

Thanks to Metro Weekly for getting this all on tape. Here are the money quotes:

* "An anus was designed for exit, not entrance."

* "Who will protect the children?"

* "Once it becomes law, you cannot opt out . . . students are terrified to be taken out of sex ed. They get on their knees and beg to their parents to be included. Because, to be outside is to be labeled the conservative. To go to the library while everyone else is in class having sex ed, means that you then—when you refuse to go to sex ed, you then become the group that is discriminated against."

* "46 percent of black men . . . are HIV positive" (No).

* Marriage and the vagina and the penis are designed to go together, and the penis and the anus do not."

* And a dose of reality courtesy of Councilmember David Catania: "If your testimony is that you're only eligible to marry if your population has a low HIV rate, the first in line . . . are lesbians. So based on your testimony, we could only marry lesbians."

  • jules

    "An anus was designed for exit, not entrance."

    Really? Did you talk to the anus-designer to figure that out? Did the anus-designer say "I explicity made this body part for an exit" ?

    Okay then.

  • B

    “An anus was designed for exit, not entrance.”

    So she's must also be completely against:
    - taking temperatures anally (babies, etc)
    - hemmeroid cremes
    - enemas
    - anal suppositories

    She's against all those right? Right......

  • Magnetic Crow

    Actually, getting opted out of conservative abstinence-only sex ed. and getting to spend an extra couple of hours in the library every week was pretty awesome.

  • THe Truth

    It appears Dr. Jacobs is a successful graduate of the Joycelyn Elders School of Public Speaking...