The Sexist

Mike Riggs Is Trailer Trash Zombie. But Is It Sexy?


Yesterday, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs revealed that he dressed as "Trailer Trash Zombie" for Halloween this year, a costume he claimed was “not even a little bit" sexy—“unless short denim shorts, suspenders, a camo ball cap, a black sabbath tee with no sleeves, and really upsetting face paint is your idea of sexy.” Now, we have the photo evidence to judge for ourselves. Is Trailer Park Zombie sexy? Is it just offensive? Or is it one of the rare offensively sexy costumes?

Keep this tidbit in mind, courtesy of Riggs: "also, the shorts progressively shortened through the night as I (a) ripped pieces of them off and (b) pulled them up over my gut."

  • Evan Williams

    Sexy as shit. Riggs and his zombie g-thang were the sex nexus of Ryan Engstrom's swingin' Halloween bash. Sexy cops be damned!

  • Anna

    Offensive (the 'trailer trash' part, not the zombie part; although that's the worst zombie makeup I've ever seen, he looks more like a smudged clown.) And not remotely sexy. My opinion of the costume is about the same as my opinion of Riggs' consistently obnoxious dudebro writing style.

  • jules

    I know its irrational, but I just HATE looking at guy's thighs in shorts! I hate it! That being said, I think Mike looks VERY sexy in this picture.

  • murcielago

    It'd probably be sexy hot.