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Halloween: How Sexy Was It?


According to media reports, this Halloween was gearing up to be the sexiest, most infantilizing, super sexiest, most racially insensitive, nipple-suspender-y Halloween ever! So, how sexy was it? I surveyed the staff of the Washington City Paper to find out.

Account Executive Nikki Caporale, who dressed as Domo from Yo Gaba Gaba Japan, Target, and 7-Eleven, says her sexiness was not hindered by the body-engulfing cardboard. "It was sexy in the mysterious kind of way," she writes. "Lots of people wanted to know what was inside the box, wanted to get in my box. . . . I met a really cute French Bevis and we made out while I was wearing the box. I later took it off so I could dance/make out with Bevis some more."

Andrew Beaujon, Managing Editor, appeared as himself. Beaujon didn't opt for a costume this year, but that doesn't mean it wasn't sexy: "The bar is pretty low in Del Ray. I wasn't wearing polar fleece and did not have a cellular telephone clipped to my belt, so yes, compared to the other dads, I was exquisitely Sexy." Later, Beaujon found some competition: "There was a grown woman who came to our door in a witch costume at about 4:30, which was just weird, not Sexy. Later I saw her walking on a different street in just her bra, or maybe she'd switched to a belly-dancer costume? Looked like a bra. Does that count?"

Terri Holtz, Senior Account Executive, dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She says the costume's full-body coverage, including requisite head-covering, was "closer to nun's clothing"—ironic, perhaps, for a character who tempts the virginal Snow White with the poison apple of sin:


The other cartoon characters at Holtz's party, however, were less than modest. Like the guy who dressed as Sexy Dr. Manhattan. As far as I know, the dimensions of Manhattan's junk were never revealed in Watchmen, so this guy decided to improvise with a semi-erect rod and a couple of Christmas ornaments:


Speaking of Sexy Cartoon Characters: I went as the cat that Pepe Le Pew thinks is a skunk, a costume I thought to be fairly innocuous until I stumbled upon one very Not Safe for Halloween anime porn rendering of the minor Looney Toons character, to which I will not be linking. (OK: Just Google image search "Penelope Pussycat" with Safe Search off, and she'll be on the first page):


More from the no-picture-attached crowd: Receptionist Alicia Merritt dressed as Janis Joplin, which she says included a "little cleavage," but mostly "sloppiness." Staff Writer Ruth Samuelson dressed as Lady Gaga dressed as Minnie Mouse, a costume that was sexy only "IN THEORY. BUT CHEAP WIGS ARE NEVER SEXY. I HAD ON A REALLY CHEAP WIG, AND THE PLASTIC HAIRS KEPT STICKING ON MY LIPS. I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE AROUND 12:30." (I don't know why she's yelling). City Lights Editor Mike Riggs dressed as "Trailer Park Zombie." Was it sexy? "Not even a little bit," he writes—"unless short denim shorts, suspenders, a camo ball cap, a black sabbath tee with no sleeves, and really upsetting face paint is your idea of sexy." (It is).

Account Executive Nick DiBlasio went as "Scary no eyeballs guy," a costume he claims was not sexy. I think he's just being modest (second from the right):


Web Programmer Will Mitchell went as a pizza. It wasn't sexy.


Leave it to the Atlanta contingent to sex up City Paper's Halloween. Brooke Hatfield, Art Director based out of Creative Loafing HQ, redeems us all with her Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg:


  • TJ

    So that's what you look like... you're kinda cute! :)

  • jules

    I went to see Hedwig and The Angry Inch on Saturday. There was a costume contest involved. The winners were a pair dressed as Harold and The Purple Crayon. It was adorable!

    There was also a guy on stage dressed a lion, but he wasn't wearing underwear and you could see his package through the costume. THAT was sexy.

  • monkeyrotica

    My Ultra Sexy Diaperman David Vitter got me three sloppy kisses, a mouthful of Bud Ice vomit, and a "Get the f**k out of my house."

  • Nikki

    Domo isn't on Yo Gabba Gabba!

  • Amanda Hess

    What the fuck is it?? OK! I'm sorry! I've corrected the post!

  • kza

    I was delivering pizza on Halloween and saw some pretty "slutty" costumes....on trick-or-treaters. It appeared that the most popular costume choice among 14 year old girls is hooker. On one hand it's disturbing to see girls that young dressed like that. On the the other hand it makes me angry that girls in my middle school didn't dress like that. Selfish boner-depriving bitches.

  • Reid

    I think it's great that you decided to go as one of the most famously sexually harassed characters in popular culture.

    Although it's worth noting that Penelope chased Pepe almost as much as he her. And she didn't take no for an answer either. So, kinda a double standard there...

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Tin Man is best for men. "I don't have a heart". Chicks dig that kind of stuff.

    "All my other parts work - & they're bionic". Chicks dig that kind of stuff, too.

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  • Alicia

    HAHAHAHA Nikki is the best!!

  • Anne

    I'd like to submit a correction - the Watchmen film did, in fact, reveal the dimensions of Dr. Manhattan's... package, repeatedly in fact! A great source of irritation for real fans after the movie came out was how many people left the film going "OMG did you see the blue dong?!? LOL BLUE PENIS!!" Because people are, on average, mentally 13 years old.

    That said, I feel that costume is exaggerating things just a tad. :)

  • Amanda Hess

    Thanks, Anne. I've only read the book.