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How to Burn Your Halloween Abortion Effigy In 10 Easy Steps


The folks at Overturn Roe have put together an instructional video to help you burn your very own effigies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid this Halloween, instead of engaging in normal human activity like dispensing candy to children. According to Overturn Roe's set of "Marching Orders" [PDF], demonstrating that our Congressional leaders are going to burn in hell if they don't repent for making us pay for child killing in the health care bill is not going to be easy. "Decide you are going to do this—no matter what—even if it is just you and 2 other people," the orders read. "Do not ask permission; do not ask for peoples’ opinions as to whether or not you should do this."

Alright then. Let's get started!

Picture 10
1. Be sure to spend a lot of money on this.
Pick up your corporate effigy at Kinkos and Home Depot: "Hi, I just sent you a PDF of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I want that in full color, on paper, 3 foot by 5 foot."

Picture 9
2. And time.

Picture 11
3. Even when it's not burning, it should look like it's burning.

Picture 6
4. Alienate your friends.
When you invite people to your effigy burning, "Get a FIRM answer. 'Maybe I’ll be there' means 'no.' 'I’ll try to be there' means 'no.' Your heart will be grieved before this is over, because people who you thought would join you won’t. (Some people are terribly afraid that their reputation will be hurt.)"

Picture 12
5. Don't tell your religious leaders.
"If you have a pro-life Priest or Bishop, invite them to come. If they are not really pro-life, don’t waste your time. And if you are afraid of them trying to talk you out of it, do not ask them, unless you can ignore their bad counsel. (That is why I said in #1 to just decide that you are doing this no matter what.)"

Picture 8
6. You should probably also get these sunglasses.

Picture 13
7. Annoy the media. "
If you do a great event, and a few hundred cars see you, this is good. If your local TV or Radio or Newspaper or Internet Papers cover you, you reach thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions. This is great. It is critical that you follow these instructions EXACTLY as we give them to you."

Picture 14
8. Then, ignore them.
"You are free to say the same thing, over and over, hammer your point. If you feel a reporter is trying to get you to say something you do not want to say, just ignore the question, and say your message. For example, you could say: 'That’s not the point: The point is it’s immoral to perform abortions and distribute contraception' and 'Would Notre Dame honor Pilate after he condemned Christ to death?'"

Picture 4
9. Burn.
"If you don't know how to start a fire, ask a Boy Scout." Or, just unload a shitload of lighter fluid into your backyard.

Picture 5
10. Buuuuuuuuurn.
"We suggest you check what your local ordinances are on open flame."

  • BritPixie

    Also, the "legal mumbo jumbo" disclaimer at the end of that video is hilarious! Do not burn anyone from PETA? What?? That makes watching the video almost worth it.

  • Former Staffer

    Burn Terry Randall. In effigy if you like.

  • Typical DC BS

    They forgot part of step 9: "Make sure to spray lighter fluid / gasoline all over yourself, as well as the effigies. Stand right next to the effigies when you light them to ensure you burst into flames as well."

    Step 10: The media will surely capture your show on disc with your screams adding sound to the images of the effigy burning, as well as your flaming body doing the hot-body boogie.

  • kza

    Being crazy seems really fun.

  • Former Staffer

    Can you add a link to the Neil Young tune. Or the Uncle Tupelo cover.

    "Who we burning...who we burning...Terry. Terry."

  • jules

    I feel like this is going to end in the ironic death of several pro-lifers. These poorly planned uncontained fires...

    Oh well.

  • vijay jain

    I dont like this at all. sorry

  • prolifer

    Just make it easy on yourself. Go to the local abortionist and get some baby parts from the trash cans. Go out to the street corner and wave the little arms and legs. Shout out your favorite slogans. Toss the little heads in the air like you are a juggler. That ought to get some attention.