The Sexist

Photo: Men’s Parties “Closed Until Further Notice”

I happened to pass the "Men's Parties" house at 1618 14th Street NW this morning, so I took a shot of the sign that's now posted prominently outside the sex club:

Picture 11

The signage helps "Men's Parties" come into compliance with yesterday's court order, which requires the club—and the nonprofit organization behind it, the "D.C. Wrestling Club"—to temporarily cease holding events, stop advertising, and post this sign five feet from the ground on the club's main entrance, with lettering no less than 1 inch tall.

  • kza

    I hope a judge issues a gag order in this case just to be cute.

  • dexter wilson

    i cant believe this gay single men should have some place to go after all you have a nother club on 14st doing the same thing. dont police have something better to do with there time with people on the streets. they are makeing dc boaring place to live and maybe that is there goal for the white streight peolpe of witch is not all who live here.or visit here we are harming noone but areselves why cant they just leave us the hell alone!it is are choice to go not some judge and the place is almost always quiet the only problems we have the unsaure people who live in the area who dont have to go in . so if we were showing breat and a dance poll it would be fine? wake up to the new generation and get over yourselves