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The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Infantalization” Edition


We all know that the Sexy Halloween Costume industry has got a penchant for indulging in underage fantasy. The Sexy Schoolgirl Costume, of course, is a perennial favorite. But even when grown women dress up in knee-highs, pleated minis, and Britney-style button-downs, schoolgirl afficionados can still tell themselves that the style reflects a student in her late teens—perhaps one graduating from high school, or recently enrolled in a Catholic girl's college. In other words, she could be 18. Maaaaybe.


The "Sexy Brownie Babe" get-up is modeled after the youngest class of Girl Scouts. And there ain't a lot of wiggle room in terms of age.

According to the Scouts, "Brownies" are girls enrolled in grades one to three, aged 6 to 8 years. Typical activities for Brownies include "learning to swim at summer camp," "planning an overnight to celebrate their birthdays," and "deciding how many cookies to sell to earn money for trips."

Obviously, using the image of these young girls to help adults get their rocks off (retail price $74.00) is really fucking gross. But how do we know that the "Browny Babe" is truly a rip-off of our young Brownie Scouts? Take a look at the Brownie uniform:

They got the colors (brown and baby blue) just right. They even threw in the accessories:


The "Sexy Browny" version only missed one little detail: Instead of merit badges, the sash boasts a smiley face and a button reading "69." And I'm going to be hard pressed to find a Halloween costume grosser than that.

  • Former Staffer

    Better then a sexy Cub Scout. Not much better, but better.

  • Victor

    so you're trying to ruin all sex amanda?

    Not my bag, but plenty of consenting healthy adults have the whole teacher/student; parent/babysitter; infantilism etc. fetishes. Are you saying consenting adults can't have these fetishes? Or they only can't have them on halloween? Or they can't have them if they do it sexily?

  • Former Staffer

    Victor, do you just not get anything? All your comments are "you don't get it", "Big WTF", etc.

    Sexualizing children is wrong. Sexualization and role play is ok in a consenting adult relationship, but when done purely for attention (like on Halloween) is a cry for psychological help.

    pretty simple really.

  • Victor

    "Sexualizing children is wrong"
    Last I heard, the woman above is over 18. "sexualizing children" is the act of dressing a child up or putting them in a situation in which their sexuality is the focus.

    The above is an adult sexualizing childhood. How do you know why the consumer is wearing the outfit? Why are you so quick to assume it is for attention only? People use "dress up" situations such as halloween frequently to flirt with sexual fetishes and ideas which they don't otherwise have the nerve to address. This would make her a consenting adult playing out a fetish she is curious about... and therefore, by your words "ok"

  • Mrs. D

    Amanda, go check out CNBC's "Top Halloween Costumes 2009."

    While some of the costumes MUST be sexy (like "wench/vixen/tart"), others ("cop," etc.) do not HAVE to be, heck, they don't even have to be portrayed by WOMEN, but are portrayed that way in the article anyway! Ludicrous!

  • EmC

    OH MY GOD. why can't they just stop it already??

  • Christina

    Creepy and I'm with "Former Staffer" on this.

  • julia

    yeah, victor clearly does not get it or is just a troll. it is pretty fucking clear why this HALLOWEEN costume is offensive, and it has nothing to do with judging what people want to do in their own bedrooms.

  • Victor

    Are you just automatically offended by everything Amanda tells you to be offended by, julia? Think of the previous costumes, which either 1 - depicted sexual assault (flashing) 2- depicted public sex acts, usually involving the sexual gratification of a male; 3 - stereotyped specific ethnic or racial groups. Now, how does this fit in with that grouping?

    Would you be just as offended if a girl wore a more "authentic" brownie uniform for halloween? That certainly isn't going to reduce the "infantilism" of the outfit, and it certainly wouldn't make things less fetishized in the bedroom if she goes home with someone.

    I find this column interesting, but I do feel it lacks some consistency in how it applies its "outrage"

  • Victor

    ... and to call someone a "troll" simply because they refuse to be offended at everything you find offensive is a little silly.

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  • paul

    This is not the first or last costume designed after a childs uniform. If you find this offensive than you will find many costumes offensive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.