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Sexist Comments of the Week: In Defense of Sexy Halloween Costumes

Every day in October, I'm been rollin' out the worst "sexy" Halloween costumes on the market this year. Now that we're two-thirds of our way to the big 31, the world's most offensive sexualized costumes have gained a few defenders. And they will be damned if I continue to insult their racist, sexist, and sizist pastimes! Let's hear what they have to say:

On the "Sexy Indian" costume:

Cara is concerned that pointing out racism may ruin Halloween for everyone (but particularly people who sell racist costumes!):

PLEASE! It’s halloween! Get over it! No one is trying to offend anyone, they are trying to sell costumes. Let it go and quit trying to bring down everyones holiday by disecting every stupid name and costume. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.

On the "Sexy Anorexia" costume:

Cara is back to say that sexy costumes aren't even sexy—and also that you are all jealous of just how sexy they are:

I don’t really know what all the fuss is about. As much as I understand the Anna-rexia costume being absurd and wrong, you can’t judge these costumes as being slutty until you try them on. The costumes that the models are wearing are always made tighter, or shorter so they look ‘better’ in the photograph.

It sounds like someone is a little jealous. If you have a problem with the way these costumes look, why don’t you make something for yourself. Like a Moo Moo?

Even he "Sexy Fat Arab" costume has its defenders!

OverIt believes that the get-up serves a valuable public health function:

Perhaps if more people laughed at the morbidly obese, the United States wouldn’t be in the disgustingly fat shape it is now.

Cara, tireless defender of offensive holiday sexiness, insists that people don't wear racist costumes to be racist—they wear them to be funny!

I honestly think you blow things way out of proportion. I truly doubt the ‘racist’ guy is going to wear this. You are way over thinking all of these costumes.

Why would someone wear it? Because it looks funny, a guy in a fat suit.

I have seen frat guys wear costumes like this, and they do it to make there friends laugh, not to show their racist colors and bring down society. Why don’t you just live in a cave and never come out. Speaking of which, what are you going to be for Halloween? A skeloten is ’slutty’ and ‘anorexic.’ An indian (what my 5 year old niece wants to be, I guess shes racist). Would a ghost be disrespectful to the spirit world? How about a witch, or would we offend old people who live alone? How about a fruit, would that hurt the gays?

I mean, this is getting a little ridiculous.

  • Kat

    I love people who refuse to think critically.

  • jules

    I totally agree with Cara. You must be fat and feel badly about yourself. That is the only reason you would ever criticize sexism in popular culture.
    Love, Jules.

  • Emily

    In case you missed it, I would like to nominate the following for worst sexy Halloween costumes ever:

    Hottie Pirate costume for EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS:

  • Lena

    Frat guys just want to make their friends laugh! Little girls just want to look like Pocahontas! (Who Disney obviously depicted in a completely non-racist way!)

  • Amanda Hess

    My favorite part of this argument is the suggestion that women, Native American women, fat women, and women with eating disorders are "overly sensitive" and "jealous" when they call out racism, sexism, and sizism. The Sexy Halloween Costume industry, on the other hand, is a delicate flower that must be protected from criticism at all costs.

  • Victor

    ummm... I hate to break up the whine fest, but who do you think buys these costumes?

    Every year women across the nation choose to dress like hookers for halloween. I don't really know why, nor do I really care... but is it really relevant whether they dress like a pirate themed hooker or a skeleton themed hooker or an indian themed hooker? The bottom line is they are choosing to use this day to whore it up a bit. They are the ones buying the costume. The companies aren't selling "cover you head to toe" costumes because they don't sell well.

    If you want to go off and be a crusader for feminism and defend women from choosing to run around the streets in fishnets and skirts up to their #ss, then you may be more productive in trying to identify why they are buying these outfits. I'm sure you'll blame us men in the end though.

  • Former Staffer

    As a Native American, if I went out in whiteface for Halloween, would white people find that funny, or offensive? Or would they just think I was making fun of albinos?

  • Victor

    is is "sexy paleface" or one of those "fat trailer-trash paleface" costumes? :)

  • Jeremiah

    @Victor - women buy these costumes because they're stupid. Apparently, they don't understand how deeply they've been subjected to constant sexism, and therefore purchase these costumes as a form of male appeasement. They cannot be held to account for these behaviors, for they know not what they do.

    Unless, of course, these costumes are donned by ironic lesbians, in which case it becomes some form of empowerment or challenge to patriarchy.

    Ok, I'm being a little facetious, but I hope to make a point: this blog is really about identifying a form of social power referred to as "privilege". This power comes in many forms, most of which are pretty insidious deep-rooted, making something of a guessing game out of identifying overt sexism from sociocultural clumsiness.

    The topic of the post is "Sexy Halloween Costumes". Taken by itself, this niche of American holiday celebrations is far beyond absurd, and in some ways, that's kind of the point. But taken as a larger component of our cultural lexicon, it looks less like absurd fun and more like an extension of established means of power/privilege distribution.

    And that's what the invocation of a sexism charge is really about - power. An assertion of sexism really cannot be answered, because it's ideally in the feelings of the beholder, therefore not subject to any kind of external or logical rigor. Which is the very point! It changes the power dynamic of a relationship - by design. Whether it's an equalizer or not, I've yet to decide.

  • Former Staffer

    Jeremiah, if you really want to get deep, it's all (Halloween and sexist costumes et. al.) just a Christian dis on the pagans. If they really wanted to empower themselves, they'd just get naked and dance in a circle of 13 like those heathens.

    Victor - I prefer to think of it as "sexy whiteface" (given the blog, but in my case it would be more middle-aged long house...or tall house as my apartment is on the tenth floor.

  • Laura

    Love it!

    I want to be a Roofie for Halloween but can't figure out how.....I was thinking of making a hat made out of lego in the shape of a roof....but that is all I have so far.....

    Any ideas?!

  • DB

    "i'm not racist. i just have racist preferences / racist sense of humor / racially-stratified insensitivities"

  • Rossa

    How about going as sexy Josef Fritzl or sexy Minstrel and tell people who don't get your joke that they are too P.C.

    My current favorite is sexy miss Freddy Cruger

  • Ang

    I would agree wtih C that if she does allow her daughter to play "Native-face" for Halloween then she and her little shit ARE racist.

  • Aieko

    I'm glad there are other people who don't take the shit surrounding Halloween costumes. I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday, but the costumes for women piss me off. I've given up dressing up and going to parties. If I buy a costume I either have to be "sexy" or use a crude comedy outfit. If I take the time to actually make my own costume I just get shit at parties for not dressing more like so-and-so or a bunch of suggestions for revealing outfits to do next year instead. If someone truly wants to dress like a porn star for Halloween, power to them, but it would be nice to feel like you have the option to NOT dress like that without being harassed for it.

  • Christina

    It's sad how much women don't understand that they're constantly being beat over the head with ad's, commercials etc that make them feel that there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to feel like a woman.

    I'm down for a woman truly wanting to dress sexy, but I think the mass popularity of these constumes demonstrates a lot of unrealized insecurity. Some women CANNOT under any circumstances leave the house without make-up, some women think they are "disgusting" if they gain weight or eat a lot. This is all BS pushed into your head by millions of dollars of mainly male owned advertising.

    Furthermore this once again addresses the issue of people being ignorant of having a certain definition of "sexy" being indoctrinated in our culture. Large women are hot stuff in other cultures. and your boob almost falling out of your top isn't sexy to all. some people like mystery.

    Finally, using frat guys as an example of non-racist and non-sexist people wouldn't be my first choice. My experience with majority of frat guys at my alma mater and other colleges is demonstration of ingnorance (and of there true selves for that matter) and an idolization of the frat boy "get er done" culture.

  • DirkJohanson

    According to a recent study, just 15% of guys get 85% of all heterosexual sex.

    If you girls that are so worried about the pressure to wear sexy Halloween costumes were a little more amenable to dating other than the most elite guys, you could show up at Halloween parties dressed in sweatpants and still meet a decent guy. You are victims of your own snobbery.

  • Victor you even know what that statistic means? Honestly, I'm still trying to figure it out, since it doesn't say anything about women. Just men and sex. Who are they having sex with? That "sex" certainly isn't distributed evenly across all women, or you've got the bottom 1/5th of women having sex with the top 1/5th of men.

    Its clearly a manipulation (or outright falsification) of study data. And you fell for it.

  • Flowerbomb

    It's just one day that people act a little silly and have some fun once a year. From my experience, women offended by these "sexy" costumes either could never fit in one or just simply don't have a sexy bone in thier body to pull it off. The men who claim it's offensive are the ones who typically can only get the women who can't pull it off. Relax people, it's just one day! If you are so concerned that you will go out and run into someone in an offensive costume, stay home, no one needs a wet blanket at their party.

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  • menta

    the second one was really funny any the first one was funny and by the way im agirl and im really popular in my school i have 6 boyfriwns and i also have big titties and i have 3 backup girls