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D.C. Files Lawsuit Against “Men’s Parties”

Yesterday, the District of Columbia filed suit against "Men's Parties," the underground male sex club located at 1618 14th Street NW. The club has operated for decades in Logan Circle the D.C. area—through fire, allegations of unsafe sexual conditions, and most recently, a member's death from an accidental head injury inside the club.

According to Erica Stanley, deputy communications director in the Mayor's Office, "The District of Columbia believes that the activities occurring at the property located at 1618 14th Street, NW violate the laws of the District of Columbia in that an illegal business entity is operating at the premises. The District has filed a lawsuit to enjoin the business from continuing to operate."

The lawsuit, filed in D.C. Superior Court yesterday, has been filed against three parties:

  • David J. Butler, the organizer of Men's Parties;
  • D.C. Wrestling Club, a domestic nonprofit incorporated in 1994 in connection with the parties;
  • 1618 14th Street NW LLC, a company listed at 9464 Newbridge Dr. in Potomac, Md., the home of Stephen and Pirjo Jaffe.
  • The original filing is listed as a "complaint for negligence"; a hearing on a temporary restraining order in the case is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 21.

    Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    • Rick Mangus

      FINALLY, the city gets it head out of their ass! I hope that the mother of the man who died sues the the DC Government, this exploiter David Butler and the slum lord, Stephan Jaffe. Maybe he should open up a filthy and dangerous business at 9464 Newbridge Drive in POTOMAC, Md., I'm sure his neighbors would like that.

    • Right On

      Amanda, please do not stop following this story. I really feel like there's more that needs to be told. David Butler has got to be a front man for someone else, right? What took the city so long to respond? How did Jim Graham not notice when the place is across the street from his former employer, Whitman Walker? What about the special sex parties upstairs at the Eagle? Who are they paying off?

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    • Thankful neighbor

      9464 Newbridge Dr is where all the money goes nor to DC. Follow the moneey trail and put the screws to this scafflaw!

      I would much rather see this place sold and reopened as a contributing business to the LOCAL residents.

      Hopefully one of the Jaffe kids that I went to school with at Churchill HS googles there scummy dad and calls him out. His neglect caused this man's death!!!!
      Anyone who has been there has experienced the faulty stairs. Too bad the fire didn't do more property damage and then this guy would be alive. Also, if I were the insurance company I would be looking to sue Stephen Jaffe also.

      To those who want another place like this, open a place yourself and make it really safe. Not sure why there's such a need anymore due to the advent of the internet! Heard of manhunt? That's where most people go to spread HIV in DC.