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“Men’s Parties” Organizers Emphasize Snacks

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On Sunday, Oct. 4, a man was found dead inside an apartment at 1618 14th Street NW, the victim of an apparent “blunt impact injury to the head.” No foul play is suspected in the man's death, but the incident has raised questions about what else goes on at 1618 14th Street, a location known for hosting "Men's Parties" and meetings of the "Jack Off Enthusiasts Club." What exactly happens at a "Men's Party"? Apparently, lots of eating.

NBC 4 posed the "Men's Parties" question to Skip Miller, a man who claims to "volunteer" at the social club three times a week. "A men’s social club . . . it’s just that," Miller told NBC 4. "People come in. We have videos, we have sodas, we have snacks.”

And at an ANC meeting earlier this week, Lieutenant Vanessa Moore of D.C. police's 3rd District said that the club organizer told her that "he does not collect money per se, but he does take donations for chips, dips, and soda."

So, if this whole club is really about "snacks": How are the snacks?

According to one commenter on the City Paper Web site, they're not so hot. "The snacks I mentioned . . . are store-brand Doritos and stale pretzels," he wrote. "Nothing to get excited about, but certainly a perk to help forget about the pain of being fabulous."

  • Victor

    I like snacks. I like sodas. I like to watch movies. Gee... maybe this is just the club for me.

  • Dupont Guy

    Victor, the snacks there are beyond repugnant. No one pays $12 to eat stale pretzel's and off-label lemon lime soda. The snacks are placed in large communal bowls and grabbed by hands that have been up asses and around, well, you get the point. The snacks are only eaten by those too drunk or high to know what they're eating. I admit to being drunk enough to eat them ONCE. Gag!

    The argument that anyone would pay and go there just for the snacks is beyond ridiculous. And please, $12 is a lot to pay for snacks that probably cost five dollars at Sam's Club -- and for a month's supply.

  • Dupont Guy

    Just drove by Men's Parties building and saw a couple of lonely old soles trying to get in the building. Looked like it was locked up. Maybe there is a secret knock now? If memory serves correctly, the group used to meet in a different building long, long ago. They're probably scoping out new locations as we speak.

  • Amanda Hess

    Dupont Guy, you gotta e-mail me. Come on, dude.

  • victor

    "And please, $12 is a lot to pay for snacks that probably cost five dollars at Sam’s Club — and for a month’s supply."

    Actually, that seems like a pretty reasonable price for DC.

  • Deep Throat

    Wait, so you meant that wasn't hot butter dripping off the popcorn? Oh, uh oh.

  • Anonymous

    Not to minimize the seriousness of falling down a flight of unsafe stairs, but the bigger threat to Men's Parties' participants has been the lack of fire exits. With only one wooden staircase to the second floor one can clearly envision the consequence of a fire in that building. Old timers will remember the Cinema Follies fire in the 1970s which resulted in multiple fatalities and it is only a matter of time before the Men's Parties building becomes the scene of a similar catastrophe. Call it what you will, but this place operates as an unlicensed business and, as such, is allowed to operate without adherance to safety codes that apply to normal businesses.

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