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“Men’s Party” Sex Club Victim May Have Broken Neck

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At tonight's ANC 2F meeting, 3rd District Lieutenant Vanessa Moore provided some details into the police investigation of Sunday's sex club death at 1618 14th Street NW. The building has long been known for hosting a late-night sex party called "Men's Parties" as well as meetings of the "Jack Off Enthusiasts Club." Last Sunday, a man was reported dead inside the building.

The victim, who was found at the bottom of a stairwell in the building's basement, was discovered in the early morning hours of Oct. 4. Moore described the victim as a 47-year-old white male. Police now think the man suffered from a "possible broken neck" that may have resulted from a fall down the stairs.

"This remains a death report, not a homicide," Moore clarified. But the death has again drawn D.C. police attention to the sex club at 1618 14th Street, which drew city scrutiny in 2005 when a fire broke out at the location. Four years later, Moore says D.C. police are working with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to attempt to close the club. "I know he does not have any license at that location," Moore said. "We're looking for ways to shut him down."

Moore said that to her knowledge, the club is "not operating right now," though neighbors present at the meeting challenged that assertion. (Borderstan reported yesterday that the joint appeared open for business). Moore added that the sex club's manager had stated, in his defense, that he "provides a safe place for men to have consensual sex." But it's still unclear as to whether or not unsafe building conditions contributed to the man's death. Moore was not on-scene at the time of the incident, but she had been told the place was outfitted with "sex toys" and that the stairs were "steep."

She also heard tell of snacks. "He said he doesn't collect money," Moore said. "But he said he does collect donations for chips, dips, and soda. And we'll leave it at that."

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  • Joseph

    My friend was well loved and liked by many...very sad to see him go so young!

  • Mary

    I certainly hope consensual inebriation was not involved.
    What a sad way to die, certainly the underbelly of the gay march. Is that happening? I thought it was this weekend but the town is so quiet.

  • Jesus

    To die awash in puddles of santorum, indeed sad.

  • The Donkey

    What is santorum?

  • tim

    Santorum was named after that nasty senator from pa by dan savage as the frothy mix of lube and feces that results from anal sex

  • The Donkey

    Ah, a frothy mix indeed, thanks Tim.

    FYI to Mary - Yes, I believe that march is this weekend. Tens of people have been seen massing at the Starbucks on Dupont Circle, local hotels report that they are open, and I could have sworn I saw a car with out of state tags on 17t Street just last night.

  • J

    I pass by there at least once a day and had no clue the going ons. How is it that an establishment like this runs but without a formal permit or cover charges? Who pays the rent for such a great location?

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  • Charlie

    Never been to the sex parties. My only knowledge of it was the article in City Paper comparing the advertising copy (they used to advertise in the Blade - perhaps they still do) to the reality. It was quite amusing. That was probably an interesting assignment for the reporter.

  • Bob in DC


    (1) Did the poor guy fall down the stairs and break his neck OR did he fall and hit his head on something?
    (2) Did the guy die around 5:30 a.m. or did he die around 8:30 p.m.? Where was his body during all this time?
    (3) Is this a private club? Or is this a tavern/nightclub?
    (4) Do they charge admission or only accept donations?
    (5) Has this place payed any taxes -- ever?
    (6) Does this club need a license or not?

    I think I will start calling it "The Breakfast Club," since no one is quite sure about it.

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  • David

    Neighborhood: OLD CITY II Sub-Neighborhood: E
    Use Code: 42 - Store-Misc Class 3 Exception: No
    Tax Type: TX - Taxable Tax Class: 001 - Residential
    Homestead Status: ** Not receiving the Homestead Deduction
    Assessor: GREGORY GLOVER
    Gross Building Area: Ward: 2
    Land Area: 1,848 Triennial Group: 2

    Owner and Sales Information
    Owner Name: 1618 14TH STREET NW LLC C/O S JAFFE
    Mailing Address: 9464 NEWBRIDGE DR; POTOMAC MD20854-4466
    Sale Price: Not Available
    Sale Date: 08/07/2000
    Instrument No.: 70527

    Tax Year 2010 Preliminary Assessment Roll
    Current Value Proposed New Value (2010)
    Land: $586,370 $586,370
    Improvements: $228,900 $276,500
    Total Value: $815,270 $862,870
    Taxable Assessment: * $815,270 $862,870

  • Chris

    I hate that the police say "we're looking for ways to shut him down."

    How about "We're working with the owner to bring his building into compliance so that he can run a safe party for gay men."

  • Mark Hutchinson

    Obviously this place is not operating on the up and up. I have been there several times in the past. There is an admission charge of $14.00, and paying it is NOT optional. There are snacks provided on the upper floor. This usually consists of cookies, chips, and soft drinks. As with most establishments in Washington DC, customers are often allowed to enter after having way too much to drink. I am not at all surprised to hear that someone feel down the stairs and broke their neck. It was just a matter of time before something terrible happened.

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  • Colby

    I too hate to see someone go like this. I also agree that it sucks to have the police quoted as saying, "We're looking for ways to shut him down." I lived in Richmond, VA for about a year, and visited Men's Party several times, it was basically a sex den...and there's nothing wrong with that, in my book. I had some good times there. However, the basement area, where the man was found, was VERY dangerous. The "stairs" that lead down there were not that safe, and there was also sort-of a back-way down to the basement as well. The "back-way" was almost like a ladder that went down from the first floor. Unless you were VERY careful, I could see anyone slipping and falling. So, he may not have been drunk or using drugs at all. Regardless, the place was kinda fun, so I'm sorry it's closed. It was DAMN SURE better than Crew Club. That place is RIDICULOUS...does any sex EVER go on there?