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Death at Logan Circle”Men’s Party” Apartment

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A man died over the weekend in a Logan Circle apartment known for holding late-night "Men's Parties," Borderstan reports. The death was reported to have occurred inside 1618A 14th Street NW (shown in map above).

Details of the man's death—including the cause of death and the name of the deceased—remain unclear, but Acting Sgt. Kenny Bryson of the Metropolitan Police Department's public information office confirms that the death occurred sometime "Saturday night or Sunday morning" and that it did not appear to be a homicide.

"At this point there doesn’t appear to be any foul play, nothing of criminal intent," says Bryson. And as long as the death doesn't spark a criminal investigation, it's likely that the man's name will not be released by D.C. police. "We generally don’t list an outside death that doesn’t have any criminal intent," he says. "With criminal investigations, we'll do that, but the name is never released publicly until next of kin is notified."

A 2005 Metro Weekly story on a fire at the same address reported the apartment regularly hosted late-night "Men's Parties" and meetings of the "Jack Off Enthusiasts of Washington and Baltimore" (The number listed with the Jack Off club is now invalid; a call to a number listed with the apartment building has not been returned). Also unclear is whether this man was attending a party at the residence, or was in the building for a separate reason.

If you have any information on the incident or the locale, let me know. Commenters over at Borderstan have got their own theories.

  • creativemeat
  • Dupont Guy

    I've been there several times. The place is dark, dirty, and smells of cigarette smoke. They charge, I believe, $12 for entrance and provide you with condom and lube (upon request, only) and free snacks and soda.Unprotected sex is had in almost every corner of the place all day. Many of the party goers are HIV positive.

    Porn is shown on the top floor, and a lot of old drunks pass out on the couches in front of the TVs with their pants and underwear down. On the entry level floor, a crucifix, sling and other bondage toys are available, but few people use them. Most men on this floor hide behind curtains, hoping to get laid. The bottom floor is very dark and full of small rooms. Some rooms are so dark you can't even see your hand, and these rooms are always the most crowded. Sometimes 15-25 men crowd in a dark room, having unprotected sex with strangers in the dark.

    Drug use is prevalent.

    The stairs are dilapidated, the furniture is disgusting, and the walls are covered with mold. Considering a) the immediate health hazard from the sanitary (or lack thereof) conditions; b) the long-term health implications of rampant anonymous unprotected sex; and c) the sheer volume of men at the parties... I am AMAZED the city has not shut this place down. But it's operated for a decade, in plain view of everyone. And no one in the city seems to care.

    These are not "jack off parties" as they claim... they are anonymous unprotected sex parties.

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  • For Dupont Guy

    WOW - Dupont guy really got into this investigation - enough so apparently that he visits the club "several times", on visits where that he gathers the extensive details and observations. OK - since he refers to the "sheer volume" of the men at the parties (plural), I am going to go ahead and assume he really is a regular.

    So did he also really stay "all day" and visit repeatedly in spite of the disgusting conditions and activity? Plus, if he couldn't see his own hand in the dark and crowded rooms, as stated, then how did he manage to take a head count and observe the unprotected activity?

    Dupont Guy should be thankful they haven't shut it down, since I guess he could have been present for the raid and his "investigation" would have come to an untimely end. The only thing delapitated in my view is this hysterical, hypocrital rant from an apparent self-loathing and admitted patron of the place who calls himself Dupont Guy. I have an idea for Dupont Guy - stop going!

  • LoganCirclite

    This place has operated there undisturbed for years which is really odd on many levels not the least of which is that it borders the domain of some of the most stringent, nazi, jackbooted property owners groups anywhere on earth, the infamous "Q Street Gang". Mayor Williams people were well aware of it so one can assume the Fenty crowd is as well. Most people in the neighborhood however seem blithely unaware.

    I think it is 99% suburbanites. Unlike Dupont Guy I have not conducted years of 12-15 hour investigations, weekend after weekend. Mostly the crowd going in appears pretty scuzzy, really old and crusty. I have observed this walking the dog, having never gone in. Of course that may change now that I know, thanks to Dupont Guy's report, that snacks are avaiable. I can't imagine what they would be but in this town of all things political I bet they include plenty of santorum.

    This is kind of like th Logan Circle version of The Mansion on O Street, I guess.

  • Dupont Guy

    No problem guys! I'm glad you appreciate my contributions to science and research. :)

    And for those at home who are wondering: the snacks I mentioned earlier are store-brand Doritos and stale pretzels. Nothing to get excited about, but certainly a perk to help forget about the pain of being fabulous.

  • For Dupont Guy

    I will agree you seem to be in pain. Fabulous? Doubtful, did you really eat the food? Besides, you could say store brand tortillas, but "store-brand Doritos" would be an oxymoron which fits comfortably among all your non sequiturs. Go back to beauty school Akron Guy.

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  • Gary V

    I think that it says a lot that the Blade's article by Lou Chibaro does not allow for comments. Is this because they run a half page ad in every issue?

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  • Dupont Guy

    Funny, Garry V, I thought the exact same thing when I noticed they weren't allowing comments on that Blade article.

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  • Not quite a Dupont Guy

    I've been to the J/O hours...and Dupont Guy has it wrong. There are different hours for sex and J/O. J/O is usually not terribly crowded and they'll actually discourage people from anything more than giving out handjobs. Of course, such discouragement is half-hearted, but hell, at least they're trying. The place is less than glam but I never saw homeless or drunk people there. But I haven't been there for at least six months, so maybe Dupont Guy's information is more up-to-date....?