The Sexist

Tucker Max Makes Ads I Actually Like!

glennI Hope They Serve Beer In Hell has officially frozen over: Tucker Max produced some ads I actually like.

The ads, which are running on Glenn Beck's delightfully incomprehensible Web site, refrain from denigrating women, Mexicans, and the disabled in order to ridicule the religious right. Now that's a deliberately offensive marketing campaign that I can get behind (still not into the movie, though). The ads, which pair nicely with Becks' series of incoherent ramblings, are after the jump.




  • Jak

    C'mon, Amanda. This was dumb, and you know it.

  • Zach

    How on earth does this ridicule the religious right?

    Or are you relishing the fact that Max seems to be espousing Atheism, and you're of the belief that Atheism = Correct way of being?

  • Molly

    Oh. Okay. I get it. It's cool if he is an offensive jerk about things as long as you don't like them.

    Disabilities? Taboo! Women? Forbidden! Religion? Go at it!

    How about supporting the proposition of not being a jerk about people in general? One can be funny and yet not dehumanize those around oneself. Odd, but true.

  • tracey

    it is funny that if you actually listen to what glenn beck says , instead of just having a knee jerk response , it is obvious that anyone with an understanding of the english language better than a 5 year old, can understand what he is saying . If you want incomprehensible and incoherent ramblings you should try watching an entire hour of rachel maddow on MSNBC

  • tracey

    and to clarify for the brain cell challenged , that is a 5 year old human .