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Anti-Transgender Activist Group or German Party Casino?

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Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government is a conservative group which opposes gender identity protections in the state. The group's president, Ruth Jacobs, says stuff like: "“If somebody with an opposite body part is allowed in to a ladies’ restroom—a guy who has a penis, who could put his penis inside my vagina—what am I to do?” The group's recent written materials, too, strike that special blend of horror, humor, and confusion.

Horrific: In a recent flier, the group refers to Human Rights Campaign staffer Allyson Robinson—a transgender female—as a "male transsexual." I'm beginning to think that these people just indiscriminately pick a gender, tack on a trans term, and run with it:

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Funny: The flier then attempted to point supporters to the group's anti-transgender Web site,—but accidentally sent readers to

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Hey, I wonder what is all about?

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Would you rather spend an evening wading through right-wing materials on the sanctity of traditional bathroom arrangements, or a German party casino? Downloaden!

As Jim Kennedy points out at Teach the Facts, this bill was passed a year ago. Live in the now!

  • recursiveparadox

    For serious. These people are fucking nutjobs.

    Do they really want trans guys in their bathrooms? I've seen some pretty burly manly looking trans guys. I guess if vag is all that's needed, that dumb bitch can put up with big burly guys in the bathroom.

    Yanno, I can't find a single damn case where a trans woman has raped a cis woman in a bathroom. Not a single damn one. And we use girl bathrooms all the time for our bathroom business.

  • sexgenderbody

    On one hand, the stunning insanity and ignorance of these fundamentalist hate-mongers is humorous.

    On the other hand, a lot of them are NRA members stocking up on firearms in order to secede from any Union that treats all faiths, genders and colors equally.

    I keep a full tank of gas in the car, just in case these loons actually ever get their way.


  • kza

    It's amazing the things people give a shit about.

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  • Karl-Schmidt

    It's a Dutch website, not German.

  • janey

    Whenever the question of MTF people using the women's restroom comes up, why are the fears of women that they may be raped always dismissed as ridiculous, and something they should simply get over?

    As if we don't live in a rape culture where the threat of sexual violence is very real for women.

  • Zoe Brain

    When the question of forcing trans women to use male facilities comes up, how come no-one mentions the many documented cases of assaults, sexual and otherwise on them?

    Perhaps if trans women who are pre-op did not take anti-androgens that chemically castrate them - impotence being one of the first effects, followed by atrophy - then some cisgendered women's fears might not be groundless.

    If there had ever been even a single case of a trans woman sexually assaulting another woman in the 33 years that such legislation has been in place, or amongst the 38% of the population where such laws are in place, then perhaps they may have a point.

    I can understand the fear if they're not aware of these facts. I do feel that before denying others rights though, they should make at least a small effort to inform themselves.

    And to realise that some Intersexed women with CAH with masculinised genitalia have always used female facilities, long before transsexual transition was possible.