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Manhunt Discriminates Against 11.9 Inch Penises

You'd think that Manhunt would have more respect for big penises. After all, this online male cruising network has taken to publicizing its users' genital measurements through geographical penis graphs. Some penises, however, are too long even for Manhunt's scientific inquiries.

After studying Manhunt's recent penis graph at length, I logged on to the Web site in an attempt to locate the D.C. Manhunt user with the longest reported penis. (My job-related research is, at times, difficult for the layperson to understand). My manhunt ended in a startling revelation: Manhunt won't even let you register a penis longer than 30 cm (11.8 inches)!:


I understand that in order to keep its online gay penis reporting within the realm of reality, Manhunt had to draw the line somewhere.  But 11.9 inches? You guys call yourself "Manhunt," and you're not even interested in collecting the online cruising scene's most peculiar specimens (warning: highly disturbing imagery of naked dude at North Pole)? For shame.

  • kza

    Curse that last 0.1 inch :(((

  • mdesus

    hey man grab a ruler. If you ever saw a penis that was as big a that ruler wouldn't you rule that guy out right away? I've watched a lot of porn, like much more than my priest says is healthy. I can't say I've ever seen a penis that was 12 inches long. 9 in. is just enormous, and 12 is borderline impossible. Not to mention this being a gay cruising site imagine that 12 in. ruler i your anus.