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Tucker Max Too Sexist For Ad Space?


According to one employee from an ad network solicited by Tucker Max, everyone's favorite rape culture scholar has been shopping around some ads for "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" based on his fratty "fact" catchphrases. Sample Tucker Max "facts": "Sexism isn’t the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch," and "The best thing about fat girls is heart disease."

Apparently, some ad networks don't like "facts"! According to the employee, the firm rejected the above mock-up, deeming it too "offensive" and "ignorant" for general distribution. The employee says that each of Max's "facts" proved contrary to the network's terms of service, as the advertising firm dos not tolerate "garbage."

UPDATE: Max confirms that his "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" ads have been rejected by firms, and has this to say:

"Fuck them. I definitely had some agency pull some holier-than-thou trip a few weeks ago and I went elsewhere. I'm not paying them money so they can tell me what my ads are supposed to be like. Fuck them, and anyone who thinks they can tell me what to say or not say."


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    The way the boy whines, you'd think people were literally trying to nail his martyr-complex dick to a cross.

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    Um--don't people threaten him with bodily harm all the time, especially on these types of blogs? You are such a hypocritical twat Lindsay.

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    Yeah, ok Tucker fans. He totally treats "women how they want to be treated." This is SO CLEVER. See how he's playing with the meanings of words. Yeah, or he's a fucking dick. I say the latter.

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    This movie is going to open in 30 theaters. What is the point of advertising it? Unless you're in L.A. or NYC it's not playing in your town. Give it up Tucker lol

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    I really really hate this guy. It seems like a lot of people defending him are saying it's all just a big joke, and that makes it OK, but I mean.... even if this is just joking, I don't see how it's funny. It just seems incredibly cruel and he comes across as a major asshole.

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    Hating him is a tad extreme. I doubt you've even met him. It's not like he's Hitler.

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    I had the distinct displeasure of meeting TM about a year ago. He's much meeker in person. What I will always remember about him was that he had HORRIBLE breath. I couldn't believe how he bedded, let alone kissed, so many women with breath as terrible as his.

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    Tucker Max is a douche. If you just consider that this ad goes from offensive to funny. I mean, for God's sake, HIS NAME IS TUCKER MAX. He's kind of a massive joke himself, right?

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    Hey Amanda, just because Tucker won't fuck you doesn't mean you need to be so angry

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    Hey Sarah, nice generic insult.

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    As much as Tucker is a dick, he is fucking hilarious. x

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    It opens in like 100 cities. Not 30 screens.

    And at the premiere I went to, he was the furthest thing from meek. He was very nice, but very confident and self-assured too. It's so ridiculous how everyone tells lies about him that are so false--go watch the videos of him in front of hundreds of people, over and over again. Looks confident to me.

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    This is funny. Look, the guy is offensive. His writing is poor, but really funny. If you don't think it's funny, you don't think it's funny. A lot of people do. End of story.

    So why this outcry? Why this injustice that the offended seem to feel? Freedom of speech: People are allowed to be assholes, you don't have to like them.

    There have been plenty of assholes, there will be plenty more. I happen to think Tucker is a funny asshole. He agrees, "I'm a funny asshole." My girlfriend thinks the guy is as bad as everyone else thinks he does, and she hates the fact that I think it's funny as hell. But you know what? That's her opinion - I don't treat her differently because I think he's funny.

    So end of story? Get off your political sexist-rights bullshit, get over your hurt feelings, and ignore the guy - like most everyone else does. God...if only people got so vocal about politics, we wouldn't have such a #(%*& country. Free health care is on the table, and you are bitching about some guy who is mean to girls? Get a grip. (You like how I turned this into a political rant? Thats right. I'm an asshole. Move along, nothing to see here)

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    Look, I called it last time when she wrote the "Douche" article. The only way "Amanda" here can dream of getting as much attention again as that article did (because Tucker Tweeted it) was to write about him again.
    Not only is her hate-mongering towards Tucker hypocritical, but writing about him is the closest she'll ever come to successful.
    Congratulations there sugar-tits, you made it out of the kitchen and into a fake journalism career, riding on the coat tails of the very thing you're trying to call down. How's that for misogyny? Hahahaha.
    Like Tucker says, "If she can't take a joke, then fuck her." That's what gets you militant bull-dykes all riled up is that Tucker's helping men become men who don't bow to your feminasi will any longer, but we stand up for ourselves, and don't care if we say something offensive.
    We don't care if you hate us, because for every one of you Subaru-driving dr. marten wearing turbo lesbos that hates Tucker, there's 9 awesome enlightened women out there who get what he's REALLY about, or at least enjoy the comedy, and leave it at that.
    Those are the women we want to know, the ones who are empowered, enlightened, and considerate.. you will get as much respect from a man as you demand. And you, Amanda, have demanded little, earned none, and will receive none from any man who reads this (with his testicles intact)

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    Way to be a homophobe Jack. Its always good to be as offensive as possible when pointlessly ranting.

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    Hmmmm could Jack really be Tucker? He seems so offended by Amandas article, I wouldn't be surprised.

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    If you susbstitue "black" for "woman" or "girl" in his works, he would be called racist. But no he's not sexist.

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    I'm sure if Tucker wanted to post here he wouldn't hide himself under a false name.

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    I know Tucker. I live in Chicago and used to party in the same circles as he and his friends did. Tucker is sexist, offensive, vile, mysogynistic, rude, REALLY average-looking in person, highly intelligent, and- unfortunately, hilarious and one hell of a writer.

    I actually knew some of the people in IHTSBIH, (just a few of the Chicago-based stories in the book) so I had to read it. And let me tell you, I had to ignore my inner feminist the whole time. I have cried- CRIED laughing so hard, and I hate myself for thinking these stories are funny.

    Tucker's fans, by and large, are douchebags,girls are retarded for wanting to come within 10 feet of him, (let alone anything else), and he makes really wonderful men look bad.

    That said, he is funny as hell, and says what he wants to say, damn the consequences. Do with that what you will!

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    Jack - Amanda may be considered a fem-nazi by the clueless, but she is certainly no turbo lesbo. So good job gay bashing a non gay.

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    This article is excessive femi-nazi rhetoric. Rape culture? Who was raped? If you want people to take you seriously, quit writing like a pissed off 17 year old who just discovered Betty Friedan.

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    Okay now really people do we really have to sit here and say shit about Tucker! Not all girls are retarded for wanting to meet him. I think he's the funniest person ever! This day and age, there's a lot of guys who are worse then him and your complaining about someone who speaks the truth! If you can't take the truth then don't bother with following the movie and or him. He isn't hurting anyone so back off! I find it funny when people say this shit because most of you prolly never met him and are just trying to get a little attention

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    I'm still slightly amused by how the title of the blog definitely fits the style of the writer. The only two of her articles that I have read may have been about Tucker (through his tweets mind you), but both were pretty much driven by misandry. If this were written in reverse, where the author called out Chelsea Handler for her book, people would be calling it sexist and misogynistic. Maybe that's what the ad is really alluding to? That misogyny is not the only form of sexism?

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    Are me and Matt reading the same blog?

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    Rape culture= the objectification of women and disregard for their well-being, which in turn makes sexual violence more acceptable. Tucker Max is not a rapist, but his writing dehumanizes women, which DOES contribute to rape culture.

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    "Get off your political sexist-rights bullshit... if only people got so vocal about politics, we wouldn’t have such a #(%*& country."

    I think someone is a little confused. It's all right. Just go crawl back under your rock and everything will be fine.

    And Jack, what on earth? How is a woman who quietly accepts hateful, anti-woman nonsense "demanding respect" for herself? Reading your comment was like 1984 without any of the cleverness or irony.

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    this comment section disturbs me.

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    I find it comical.

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    This is absolutely ridiculous. The only reason why I read this is because Tucker Max tweeted about it. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion- if people think he is funny (like me), they can read his books and watch his movies. If they don't, they can ignore him and go on with their lives. There are issues in the world that should be focused upon right now that do not include one man who writes (very well and hysterically) about his life. People need to get over themselves and worry about things that really matter.

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    And I find it irrelevant. Well, not irrelevant, but definitely fruitless.

    Any society will, in the course of its development and progress, automatically grow little buttons of subculture. Some are contentious, like Tucker and his ego-driven lifestyle; some are hidden, like foot fetishes; some are horribly misguided and perverse, like all those fucking hipsters. These are not up to us to control. They just ARE.

    They are the little remainders of an immense algorithm. Deal with it, but don't ever fool yourself into thinking you've got it figured out, because, well, it's not as simple as right and wrong.

    I would actually place Tucker in the same category as art, which should not be held to the same standards as the rest of us are. He's an entertainer, a comedian. He's supposed to be controversial. It's cool...don't one's going to die – and if someone does, well...there's a subculture of stupidity, too, that I just as well leave to its own devices.

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    get a life you crazy dykes

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    This article totally eye-raped me. I just had to douse my eyeballs in bleach to try and fix them. The burning means its working, right???

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    Yeah, interesting article, Kevin, but the author misses one crucial point. Women who refuse get hammered and sleep with Mr. Max or his followers are "Suburu-driving, Dr. Martin-wearing, fat, ugly, uptight, turbo-lesbian feminazis." So, really, women can't win. We can either turbo sluts or turbo lesbians, but never more than these valueless caricatures based on an outmoded reading of gender relations.

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    Doesn't anyone realize the endless nature of this discussion? You have the homophobic, former frat boys that will deny the harm and cruelty of TM's "fun asshole" variety of sexism to their graves.

    These are the same guys who wear flip flops and wrinkled button down shirts to bars to pick up girls decked out in $300 DVF wrap dresses to have one night stands with. And I'm also willing to bet that most of these guys work on the Hill or for some run of the mill DC government/public affairs firm. I'd be surprised if most of these guys live in houses with less than 2 other roommates (they always seem to live in these run down, sparsely furnished real world-esque type homes with a bunch of other guys).

    Why do we really care what these nobodies think about a guy who is basically the same as them (a loser)? Any guy who reads and enjoys TM is a pathetic freak who probably secretly envies Ted Bundy. They'll never admit it of course but that is how dangerous these guys are to women.

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    He's a total douche. But the signs from the protest are funny.

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    Awesome. I wish I knew which ad agency, because I'd love to commend them!

    He's kind of pointless. Let him blather his empty message wrapped up in his ridiculous ego to his heart's content. What really irritates me is when universities, booksellers, film execs and the like give a pulpit to his misogyny.

    Again, that ad agency gets my "thumbs up" on this!

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    Quinn nails it here:

    Doesn’t anyone realize the endless nature of this discussion? You have the homophobic, former frat boys that will deny the harm and cruelty of TM’s “fun asshole” variety of sexism to their graves.

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    In response to Mrs. D and others who have said similar things... I read Tucker Max's material and think it is funny. I also have much respect for women and you could ask any female who has come across me and I would like to think they would agree. Call me a hypocrite if you want, but this is an online blog and I really don't care what any one on it thinks about me. Let me just say this, why do women want to "win" with Tucker? Why? Please someone explain this to me. The more attention you give to something you find offensive or negative the more it will engulf your life and get in the way of your positive thoughts and personal goals and successes. Just freakin forget about the guy. Don't go see his movie. When someone brings it up in conversation, change the subject. Why do you really care if Tucker thinks you are a fat, ugly, uptight, turbo-lesbian feminist? You think he is an average-looking, very intelligent, misogynistic asshole and a sleazebag and he doesn't seem to care about that. Odds are you likely won't run into him in public and put yourself in a position to be verbally harassed by him and if that happens just walk away. Focus on your own life and I promise that it will be as great as you want it to be. Fuck this guy. But not really.

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    On a side note, I am a former frat boy and one of my brothers, best friends, and roommates was gay.

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    The only people who make a point of saying "I have [gay/black/female/etc.] friends" are usually doing something that would indicate otherwise.

    Moving on...why care? Well, here's a guy with a book and a movie. Sure, his readership/viewership might not be THAT high, but it exists. And most of those ilk are being indoctrinated into thinking/acting the same way he does. It's like a cancer, and if you just let it fester it will only grow bigger and bigger. Speaking out against douches like this lets those who might be persuaded that he's right know he's not.

    See, when dudes start to act like this, it affects all of us ladies, not just those who "choose" to get sloshed and banged by Max and his herd. Do you think it's possible, *possible,* that a self-respecting lady could be put in a bad position by the attitude this guy promotes towards women? How about this, dude sees women as objects due to Max's influence, goes to bar, attempts to pick up pretty possibly intoxicated lady, she tells him to fuck of, he decides that not only is she a man-hating feminazi, but he's going to teach her a lesson about her "place" by raping her. It's kind of the extreme, but it DOES happen. This is how 3 women end up dead in a gym outside of Pittsburgh. More often, it's how some woman who's just out trying to enjoy and evening with her friends ends up with a beer shower, loud insults, or other equally humiliating acts/behaviors directed at her. Is that fair?

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    I have to admit... I find this entire thing very funny.

    But, just to inject a little rationality:
    John said: "Why do you really care if Tucker thinks you are a fat, ugly, uptight, turbo-lesbian feminist"

    John... Why do you really care if Amanda thinks you (as a viewer/fan of Tucker Max) are a douchebag, rapist etc..?

    It works both ways. Tucker has every right to create the books/movies that he does, and you have every right to watch them. Other individuals have every right to write the articles they do and comment on the actions of Tucker and his fanbase. So man up, and stop being such a whiny little bitch.

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    I had no clue that Tucker Max's book has been turned into a film. Heck, I had no clue it was coming out this month. Can someone explain why there's no hype for this movie? If that's the only way he can drum up buzz for this film, it's clear he's not good at marketing.

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    Seriously ppl. It's entertainment. If you dnt like it or find it offensive, dnt watch the film/read the book. Ur actually addin more hype to the "movement." Personally, I dig his hustle. Turnin a website that was a college joke into a best sellin book and now a movie?? That's good work right there! Can't knock the hustle!

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    Like I said Tucker Max defenders/lovers = Ted Bundy defenders/haters.

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    *I meant lovers, not haters when I said "Ted Bundy defenders/haters"

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    Hey John -- Asking why do "women want to win with Tucker?" is JUST like asking why do "blacks want to win with racists?". Who are you to get to determine who or what women should protest against? Using your rational, people should just give into racism, sexism, genocide, etc. because the effort it takes to "win" is too much or, to people like you,"will engulf your life and get in the way of your positive thoughts and personal goals and successes" (whatever that mumbo jumbo is supposed to mean). Are you that inconsiderate? I shudder at the thought of you ever having children (especially girls). I feel like I'm talking to a poor man's Don Draper.

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    I kind of forgot I commented here until just now. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm sort of honored to start the party off by getting called a "hypocritical twat". Anyway, now I'm going back to not spending time thinking about skeevy douchebags, famous or not.

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    The reason a woman wouldn't sleep with you, Tucker, you sweet, sweet man, is that not all women are attracted to sociopaths.

    (The same rule applies to Tucker's male lapdogs. Keep sucking from the dick of your master, sweethearts!)

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    "Fuck them. I definitely had some agency pull some holier-than-thou trip a few weeks ago and I went elsewhere. I’m not paying them money so they can tell me what my ads are supposed to be like. Fuck them, and anyone who thinks they can tell me what to say or not say."

    Apparently this is the sort of argumentative technique one can learn at Duke University School of Law!

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    I fucking love tucker max. his book is amazing. im a girl and i take no offense to any of the things he says. the truth hurts so get over it! everyone who is bagging on tucker max can shut the fuck up seriously..get over.

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    Tucker's an idiot. Yes, his writing style is pretty damn funny, but the worst problem is that he's telling these highly exaggerated stories - some are outright lies - and people are BELIEVING them. It's pathetic.

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    Saying "i'm a girl and i think tucker max is hilarious lololol" DOES NOT MAKE IT LESS OFFENSIVE.

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    lighten the fuck up..

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    i agree Kryston..he's fuckin awesome...tells it how it is. Im a girl and i think i laughed out loud about 30 times at this book. You people def need to take the sticks out of your asses..

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