The Sexist

Where Are D.C.’s Ex-Gays?


Are you ex-gay? Do you know anyone who is ex-gay? Do you know anyone who is ex-ex-gay? Do you live in the Washington, D.C. area? Then I'd love to hear from you!

Call me at (202) 332-2100 ext. 269, or drop me a line at

  • TJ

    Good luck with that, Amanda... last time I checked, they were called STRAIGHT... or at least that's what they are aiming for...

  • patrick

    They don't exist. The "reform" movement is dead in the water. Praise the Lawd!

  • charlie

    I know someone who is ex-gay. He went to quite a bit of trouble coming out to all of his co-workers and family. He dated gay men for several years, got his heart stomped on many times, and then returned to dating women (where he continues to get his heart stomped on).

    But he is not an ex-gay in that he didn't make a change because he thinks it is a sin or unnatural to be gay, he isn't evangelizing for the ex-gay 'lifestyle'. I think rather than saying he was gay and is now an ex-gay the better description is a bisexual who chooses to date women at this time.

  • Amanda Hess

    charlie, do you think your friend would be willing to talk to me about his experience? if so he can e-mail me at

  • Melanie Nathan

    The problem is the name "ex-gays" - No gay likes to be an "ex" - I mean they should change the name and maybe they will get more recruits - such as he is a "What-was-was"; a "celibate Citizen" or a "PFOX-RECRUIT: or how about A "reindeer" - the whole notion of conversion redemption is rediculous