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Bob McConnell Dropped Sexist Thesis In Reports’ Laps

In a Washington Post online chat today, reporter Anita Kumar revealed how the Post caught wind of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert McConnell's 1989 graduate thesis, which is riddled with crazy about women, homosexuals, and fornicators: Oh, he just happened to mention it!

"We recently obtained the thesis," Kumar wrote. "Bob McDonnell mentioned the thesis a couple weeks ago when we were interviewing him for another story. We then went to find it. As we indicated in the story, it is available at the Regent library and has likely been there for 20 years."

Why would McConnell  lead reporters straight to a 93-page document which spells out, in detail, how big of a douchewad he is? I'm betting he didn't realize how bad it truly was. McDonell told the Post, "my views on many issues have changed as I have gotten older." It's possible that some of those views changed preeeetty recently.

  • former staffer

    My favorite part about the chat was all the right wing loonies claiming the Post was doing a hit piece on McDonnell when it was clearly and factually shown that old McDonell was the one to bring it up.


  • Bruce Majors

    Let me get this straight Amanda. Teddy Kennedy can kill a woman and you a NOW say nothing. But Bob McConnell WRITES something when he was a graduate student, 20 years ago, that back then, before Ellen came out, when most readers of the Washington Post (and many of its staff too) were homophobes (I lived in DC then), and the Obamanoid media whores use it to attack him because they want to promote Deeds and Obama and the push to make America a totalitarian state.

  • Shannon Anderson

    We all know Teddy Kennedy did a horrible, terrible thing. He did spend the rest of his life trying to redeem himself, and I think he did. I don't know about you,Bruce, but I am big into redemption, sincere redemption with the work to show for it. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do. Try it, What has McDonnell done to redeem this past "error"? Has he fought for the rights of women and gays? I don't know the guy so I am asking you. Frankly, I don't give a flying eff if he uses that word, but not around the children.

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