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The Bob Haircut: Secret Sex Fetish Favored By Prostitutes

So, I'm growing my hair out, and I thought I'd shoot for a bob—jaw length with a fringe. Foolishly, I turned to the Internet for inspiration, and instantly stumbled upon "The Bob Haircut Pages." This portfolio of short, banged haircuts begins innocently enough. And then devolves into some dude's hair porn collection.

"Through another picture series I want to take a view on the more sexy side of the pageboy," wrote Hair Porn Dude, as the tone switched from style advice to sexy time. "As this WWW pages do and will not contain any nudity, the pictures do not show it, but you can imagine where they came from. ;-)"

He then goes on to say that if you cut your hair into a bob, you will likely be associated with prostitution (it's a good thing): "There are so many erotic aspects of this haircut—a lot of men love it and some women already know that. The professionals seem to know even better than the usual ones—they know how to attract and they dare to look that way, where so many others are still too afraid to try. (don't you also associate a prostitute with a pageboy cut, and don`t many films show one with that haircut?)"

What's creepier: the smiley emoticon, or the sorting of women into"prostitutes" and "usual ones"? But on to the sexy photos:

Picture 2
"Isn't she lovely?" hair porn dude opines. "She's called Joanne Guest, and she's a famous model—I know why."

Pssst: Here's why:

Picture 1
Hair Porn Dude, it seems, ain't the only one crushing on the erotic bob. The men who lurk on the "Bob Haircut Message Board" are just waiting for a bobbed girl to  join them in their private MSN chat-rooms (send them your pics!).

Back in 2006, bob wearer Claire fell into their midst. Claire wanted to talk about bobs:

I'm a girl from Holland and I am a really bob lover. I like to talk with other girls/boys about this haircut. If you also like this, we can shear our intrest!

And Tom wanted to talk about bobs, privately:

Hi Claire, i'm Tom from France. Have u got msn ? we can speak together about bob haircuts ... & share our pics ...

Claire edged the conversation back toward salon-friendly:

Hi Tom. Sorry I don't have msn. How nice that a man like the bob haircut. 10 Years ago, I was a girls with long hair. Than I moved and decide that is was time for a makeover. That was the beginning of my love for the bob. Now 10 years later I still have a bob, and i still love it! I try to convince other girls to cut a bob and 2 colleaques did it, they look fantastic. So the wirld looks much better!

But by that point, the fetish could not be tamed. Tom replied:

Lol very good ...!!! and have you got any pics of your own bob ?  for me i love it since a few years & i don't know why but i find this cut very sexy. it makes the women so beautiful and so "fatal"...  My e-mail is if u want to have this discussion just between us!

conway29 offered up his resources:

Hi clare, i like the bob cut too. I have a vast amount of bob cut pics on my hard drive, would love to share pics with u if u want.

Dave S. got explicit:

Hi Claire! I don't think it is difficult to find men who like bobs.... for me its a very special thing and definitely the most erotic haircut... my girlfriend often says, that for me it seems to be some kind of fetish :-) Feel free to contact me, i would like to chat with a girl that loves bobs! my addy: Cheers!

Mark joined in:

he Claire, i'm Mark and i live just west of London. I've been a huge fan of the bob for ages now and would love to know what women like about it. e-mail me at—it would be great to chat to someone about bobs!

Newton piled on:

Hello bob lovers. I am male and therefore do not have this haircut but if I was a girl I would because I totally love it. The Pageboy is my favourite. I would like to make friends with other bob lovers (male or female). My address is

And onL

Hi Claire.  Would you you not like to make friends with me Newton?  I am a true bob lover. I hope to hear soon.

When Claire returned, she didn't have a bob anymore:

Hi everybody. I am happy that so many man like the bob. In the meantime my hair is something longer now, but I like to change, jaw line, shoulder, shaven nape, it doesn't matter!

Newton was undeterred:

Hi Claire it's me Newton again.  Did you want to be friends with me? I am a huge bob lover. My E-Mail address is as my real name is Neil Cox. I hope to hear soon.

And finally, a guy showed up who Claire might actually be interested in speaking with:

hi claire i am david from england. i used to have long hair but recently i got my girlfriend to cut my hair into a bob and i love it. she undercut my hairline at the back and buzzed my neck. it feels wonderful. it just goes into a ponytail for work but when i come home i cant wait to show off my bob.i should of had the chop years ago !!! i would like to see more men bobbing their and bobs x

But by then, she was already gone.

  • Rich Stradler

    Too bad you hadn't delved a little deeper in the hair fetish community. Do a quick Yahoo groups interest search and you'll see the overwhelming majority of the hair fetish types are actually the ones into long hair. Then there's the short hair fetish, the aformentioned bob fetish, shaved nape fetish, bald fetish, pixie fetish, dyed hair fetish, blonde fetish, buzz cut fetish... etc, etc, ad infinitum. There is a fetish for almost everything in this world and if you look hard enough you'll find their may even be one that tickles your fancy! Balloons, girls wearing headphones, cheerleaders come to mind. My point here is that when it comes to human sexuality and what turns people on, you really can't stereotype by profession here. Suggesting that prostitutes have a propensity toward bob's is like saying that all golfers use one particular brand golf ball, it just isn't true. Hair fashions come and go and just as many styles carry just as much sex appeal as the women's fashions themselves. Victoria Beckham and Rhianna may have popularized the current crop of short bob's this season but that doesn't mean by adopting her hairstyle that you want to emulate the lifestyle of a pop star turned fashion designer football heiress either. As it was put so succinctly on a message one time, one fetishist opined that, "I suppose that life would be much better for me if I was turned on big boobs like everyone else. What is a problem for me is when I see a man obsessing to the point where nothing else in life matters. That being said addictions of any kind are sad and destructive.

  • Amanda Hess

    Thanks for the hair fetish education. Yeah, I think maybe the bob guy just tended to only notice---or perhaps even frequent---sex workers with bobbed hair. Because that's what he's into.

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