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Sexist Comments of the Week: Semen Facials Edition

Last week, "Semen Facials Are Like Weddings" was the perfect storm of Sexist comments. The facial ejaculation rant drew comments from feminists wanting to blame the patriarchy, feminists wanting to defend sex-positivity, and dudes who like to describe jizzing on their sex partners' faces on the Internet. The really weird part, though? Nobody spoke up in defense of weddings.

Anyway, here are your best facial comments. (I've excerpted most of them, because you all just had too much to say).

Katie says:

It’s not good for feminists to play sexual thought police, or to instill guilt in someone who likes to do someone else might find degrading. Isn’t it more progressive and feminist to say, “This is how *I* want to get off”, than to shame women by saying the things they desire sexually are anti-feminist? Shouldn’t we allow for some diversity? Different strokes, as they say.

DirkJohanson says:

I have better orgasms when I cum on a girl’s face since I know I am free to blow my load to my heart’s content, whereas when a girl asks me to cum on her tits but not on her face, I am always worried that I might not have the best aim and will end up cumming on her face, too. Since this often happens, I hold back when I cum on tits and don’t cum with as much force and often feel like, and still actually have, another load in me waiting to imminently come out. Simply put, when I cum on tits, I don’t feel nearly as finished as when I cum on a face or when a girl wants me to cum in her mouth. And I feel genuinely badly when I cum in a girl’s eye because it stings so badly.

Amanda Marcotte says:

Facials are best compared to spitting in someone’s face. That’s how they function in porn. The woman has been sexually available, and therefore is degraded, and so after getting off with her body, a man should reaffirm the patriarchal loathing of the sexual female by showing his contempt for a woman by spitting in her face. With his cock. In some porn, the facial became too obscure because of eager rationalizations, so instead they literally spit in a woman’s face or fling money at her while kicking her to the curb. The main thing is making sure the message is sent—a woman who fucks is scum and should be treated as such.

Thus it’s not “anti-sex” to criticize the facial. The facial is anti-sex. The facial says that women who have sex deserve to have men spit in their faces. Fuck that.

YB says:

I just wanted to question the validity of your spitting/ejaculation comparison. Granted, both are acts of expelling fluid from the body, but it seems to me that that is where the similarity ends. At least I hope it does – spitting, after all, is a socially constructed concept, which is how it acquires its negative meaning. Who would advocate for ejaculation to have a negative meaning? When a man ejaculates into a woman’s vagina no one considers it “spitting” at her vagina. Or, is it more “ok” to “spit” at/in a woman’s vagina than her face? Because the face is so much more “proper” than a vagina, therefore “spitting” at a face is not ok but spitting at the vile dirty vagina is?

Victor says:

Just to add a little “fact check”, I believe the external shot was originally added to movies more as an indication of the ending of a scene. Think about it, as a viewer, what else is there? a bunch of panting, sweating and grunting. I suspect they started this external shot to prove more that the guy was actually getting off. Granted, now it has been used in a number of different ways.

nic writes:

note to doodz commenting on this post: NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN THE DETAILS OF YOUR SEX LIVES. i know this is hard to understand when all of western culture is devoted to glorifying the masculine sex drive, but seriously, cut it out. your privilege is showing.

Kay writes:

you fucking fail at life. this is so illogical, and you expect us to accept hypocrisy because it’s convenient.

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  • The Emperor

    Amanda..Shut the Fuck Up. Your comments are as asinine as your belief that foreign marriage weakens a woman's position in marriage.

    It is woman like you with your "victim" mentality that fuels the porn industry as well as refusal by men to marry.

    Makes me wonder what is next from you, Women that have sex with men are traitors to their gender?

  • Amanda Hess

    Oh, great, someone weighed in on the wedding thing.

  • Match

    Foreign marriage?

  • Esteban

    You're all partially correct but no one has hit it on the head, so to speak. The truth is that men like giving facials for the following reason. A woman's face is her feminine essence, the coming together of her body and her mind. A man's penis is his masculine essence and his jizz is the essence of his masculinity. Therefore, for many men the act of giving a facial to a woman is the ultimate expression of combining his masculine essence with her feminine essence - an ultimate fantasy. Subjugation? Perhaps, but then there is something essential about dominance and subjugation in sexual expression as well, that does not necessarily denote perversion but exploration and emotional fantasy . It is the way of things.

  • lisa

    I have always considered the whole facial thing in the same way I do oral sex: the pleasure is usually one sided, but it can always be reciprocated. If a guy receives oral sex he can certainly reciprocate, and although women can't really give facials, isn't there something that a guy can do for his partner in return?

    I mean, that's not a weird idea right? What's wrong with doing something for your partner with good intentions? Isn't that all it boils down to, is your intention? Maybe the guy doesn't have to hate women, and maybe the woman doesn't have to feel degraded.

    Or maybe it's too radical to think that two people can have fun together and can decide what works and what is degrading.

  • Isabel Linhardt

    This is a wierd subject. First of all, some women love their men and do this for them. If there is love involved who cares what faminists say? A lot of them talk but if they get involved in a deep relationship, they might end up doing things they thought theyd never do. its called life. things happen.

  • Craig

    As a gay man who engages in receiving facials, I rather enjoy it! There is something quite erotic about receiving the seed and reproductive juices of a hot male specimen on one's face and in one's mouth. Unless one has tried it, they have no right to judge. I know other gay men and straight women who ENJOY receiving facials. Open up your minds people!

  • Kay

    Regarding the ejaculation/spitting on face vs. vagina discussion, the differences should be obvious. Think about the reasons why if a parent spanks a child, why they spank the child on the butt and not in the face. If someone were to hit you or spit on you, where would you prefer them do it at? Would your first thought be "Oh, my face of course.."?? If not, why? There are extra feelings of shame and degradation that can go along with things being done to the face.