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FOX 5: Prostitutes “Too Gross To Describe,” Speak To

For two weeks, FOX 5 trained "secret cameras" on the intersection of 11th & K NW in an attempt to catch sex workers in the act. FOX 5's investigation revealed "ladies of the night hitting the streets in broad daylight." But while reporter Tisha Thompson's work included the requisite indignant neighbors, official police commentary, and the money shots (sex workers adjusting their underwear), there was one thing FOX 5 couldn't get: a comment from one single sex worker. How demeaning is this segment? Let me count the ways:

1. The anchor describes the footage of the sex workers as "unsavory" and "unnerving."

2. That footage of sex workers? FOX 5 sets it to a sexy hip-hop beat.

3. Oh, and the most "unnerving" thing about it? These sex workers have the audacity to work during the day. Those whores belong under the cover of darkness!

3. When Thompson delivers the line, "It's six o’clock in the morning and sharing the sidewalks with joggers, tourists and commuter buses: prostitutes," she actually says the last part like this: "PROSTITUTES."

4. The sex workers in the footage are almost completely blurred out—not just their faces, but in some cases, their entire bodies.

5. "Neighbors" aren't just upset about the illegal activity—they're also just totally grossed out by the sex workers.

"But neighbors say it's not just the sex. They're also frustrated by what else happens on the streets," Thompson says. "Our camera caught one woman leaving a client’s car. She walks to a bus stop, then fixes her bra, her dress, and then does something we can't even show you on TV, in full view of morning traffic."

In the print version, Thompson describes the "too hot for TV" moment as "something too gross to describe."

Let's go to the tape:




I'm betting she's adjusting her vagina or something, but how would I know? FOX 5 just plopped a "CENSORED" button on top of a completely blurred-out woman! I guess you can never be too safe when it comes to a sight as disgusting as a prostitute.

6. So, if even the "neighbors" are upset about this blurry woman likely adjusting her vagina in front of morning traffic, how do you think she feels? Oh, right: FOX didn't bother to ask her.

  • Hill Rat

    C'mon Sexist, that was *not* a hip-hop beat. That shit sounded like it came straight off the soundtrack of a porno movie shortly befoe the pizza guy makes his "special delivery."

  • Amanda Hess


  • Jane

    They can't show their faces without permission lest they risk a slander suit. Who knows if these women truly are prostitutes - they didn't ask - and if they weren't, the show would face significant liability for suggesting show. The cheap solution? Show blurred images of women whose profession is not entirely clear.

  • Nikki

    City Paper street boxes shown :34 and 1:15!

  • nelly

    that song is the instrumental from nelly's 'pimp juice'

  • Baby B

    Pimping ain't easy.

    This is an ineffective operation.

    Deez ho's are unsavory and the pimps (who look like Pharell on crack) have no control over them.

    Deez pimps and ho's need to drive back to Maryland (their cars have MD plates) and find other lines of work.

  • phnuggle

    love the "street littered with prostitutes" imagery, fox. gorgeously subtle.

  • mmmmmm

    ummmmm, is there much tourist traffic in Shaw? Is that a thing?

  • sophiagrrl

    A 'lady of the night' (or perhaps mid-morning) once kindly helped me catch my dog, who'd run off as Sunday brunch guests arrived. It was mid-morning on a Sunday but in the end, I was pretty damn grateful that she was out on the corner. Point being, sew worker or not, they are people.

  • ct

    phnuggle, I'm glad you caught that too: the reference to the streets being "littered" with prostitutes. It's a way of implying these women are trash.

    Tisha Whoever should be ashamed of herself. That's not journalism.

  • Ron

    I live in the vicinity where these ladies walk about to do their business. Fox shows them as packs of women, but that's not true. They are just scattered around not hurting anyone. For them it's work. This is their way of making a living. I just don't like it when some of them decides to fight on the sidewalk across from my building in the middle of the night.

  • kza

    Laziest Comment of the Week: That's gay. Hookers own.

  • jules

    mmmmmmmmm: Yeah, all the tourists are in Shaw to check out the corner store! Its DC's next big tourist attraction.

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  • Ben

    I walk past these girls every morning on my way to work. For the most part I leave them alone, and they leave me alone, aside from a small pack of them "offering me their services" from time to time... Which I just ignore. I have to say it's quite amazing how much "business" they actually get.

    I personally find their business rather fascinating, and honestly somewhat reprehensible. I grew up in a small town in the midwest where this was only seen in the movies. It makes me wonder if they're all the usual drug addicted prostitutes that are portrayed in the movies, if they they just like the "easy money," or what the lure to this profession is.

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  • Hotel Pimp

    Hey every since some cavewoman figured out she got a bigger portion of the water bufflo that the men dragged home if she didnt run so fast prostitution has been with us.

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  • jf1

    classic "oh my God, that's just awful...will you look at that! Disgusting!"

    Meanwhile in their hometowns hookers are out working behind churches in broad daylight.

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  • Ophelia

    Notice that we never once see their faces...the clear message being, "These are not actually people! These are PROSTITUTES!!! They do not have faces! They are merely long bare legs wearing short skirts and high heels! Isn't that gross!"