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Shark With A Shark Penis In Its Mouth Video Corner


Okay, okay, I know that my newspaper is no longer under the rule of Creative Loafing. But I'm certain that our former owners would have just eaten up "Shark With A Shark Penis In Its Mouth." It's got it all: shark, penis, shark penis. Come to think of it, this video is kind of like the time that Creative Loafing bought the Washington City Paper. At first, we weren't sure what the shark had in store for us. By the time we caught sight of the turgid, red shark penis clutched in the shark's mouth, we realized: the shark had come bearing the gift of The Shaft. Too bad about that $40 million hook in your mouth, buddy.

[via Lindsayism]

  • whet moser

    I'm not exactly sure what the hook is, or the penis is, but, word: shark penis.

    Here's what I don't get. The hook was $40 million, but then it was other things, and then the judge said it was $12 million, and then Atalaya paid themselves $5 million for it. Could someone explain what happened to us again?

    That's where your metaphor breaks down, because shark penis makes much more sense than bankruptcy.