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Hometown Pride Homophobia


Steven Anderson, the gay-hating pastor who preaches that Barney Frank is a paedophile and that Barack Obama deserves to die, operates out of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz. That means that Anderson's religious sermons declaring that gays are rapists, child molesters, "animals meant to be taken and destroyed," and also secretly bisexual (?), are all being created and disseminated like fifteen minutes away from the house I grew up in! Wow. I knew there was something else I didn't miss about home.

  • DB

    the only homosexuals mentioned in biblical history are those who happen to be rapists or child molesters...

    Shouldn't that hint to him something about the actual subject of those stories?

  • kza

    He's just trying to be like the Westbro Baptist Church. This guys a JV, minor league homophobe.

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  • M Stoltenberg

    This man does dishonor to the faith he claims. Jesus was condemned by the "religious" of his day because they did not understand his mission. Faith should make us aware that we are not perfect and that we need the Grace of Christ. As a person of faith, I feel such pain when I read of hate being preached in a nominal Christian church. Jesus was not about hate. He is about love and forgiveness.

  • kza

    I'm an atheist but that was very well put!