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Embrace For Gay Rights At Tastee Diner Tonight

Two women, the Washington Blade reports, were ejected from Silver Spring's Tastee Diner for hugging after completing their meal. Aiyi'nah Ford and Torian Brown say they were told by a manager to "take that outside" after embracing near the restaurant's counter.

Bad move, Tastee. At 9 p.m. tonight, the diner will be chock-full of same-sex hugging. Instead of boycotting the place entirely, Ford and Brown have invited the public to inundate the restaurant with gay PDA. 94 guests are currently confirmed on Facebook; you can join them at 8601 Cameron Street, Silver Spring, Md. When you arrive, here's the drill:

We will be entering the restaurant at 9pm. We will all sit at tables together, and order one item from the menu no more than a $5 value. We will act orderly, and if you choose to show some sign of affection to the person you are with we ask that it be done tastefully. We want to observe there reactions if any to us. We will then proceed to the check out, to pay for our food. At that time we will engage in some gesture of affection. If you are unsure of the type of gesture please follow Simply Nay and Jay's lead. We will then leave the premises, still observing the behavior of the management.

Still on the fence about hugging it up? What if I told you it was . . . destiny? "This happened to us for a reason. I'm a firm believer in that," Ford awesomely told the Blade. "Because I wanted to go to IHOP in the first place."

  • dee

    I am not suprised! My lesbian girlfriend and I were booted from tastee diner , the same one in silver spring back in 2006 after we sat and enjoyed diner. We shared a suttle kiss during dinner. The black older waitress came over to our table and told us " this is a family resturant" it was about 2 am and we are a very mature couple.

    The bottom line is someone does not like homosexuals in that place. I ordered food once to eat in and they packed it to go. If you even look gay they will do eveything to see that you are uncomfortable ( true story)

  • Tre

    See the video at ... face in cleavage for 14 seconds = embrace or hugging? I think not...

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  • Greg

    Come on - two overweight ladies making out at the front of the restaurant. Why is it a crime to ask them to stop? Why is this suddenly a human rights violation? Let's see - child slave labor vs. not wanting to see the obese cuddle in public. Sorry. Does not compute.

    But because they're gay, we should accept all of their beautiful expressions of affection. Gag, dudes. Don't want to see my parents do it, do want to see anybody do it.

  • watcher2

    I'm am glad they were kicked out of the diner. I would not want my child seeing such sick filth and while eating we would have thrown our food up. Gays are mentaly ill and just justify the abuse they endured as kids by embracing the Sodom & G life to make them feel better.

    They have no rights at all. I hope they get kicked out of any place if it is known they are gay. They should all be put into mental wards and then jail for spreading that sick filth to the youth.

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