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What Do Nudists Wear?

What do nudists wear? If this online nudist apparel store is any indication—more than you'd imagine. From what I can tell, nudist attire is clothing which serves a decorative—as opposed to a shielding—function, and generally operates with a clear disregard of genital exposure. It's also a really good resource for any woman who would like to see a soaring eagle beaded atop her boobs.

The "beaded collar," (prices vary). Available in the classic "circle/rope" pattern, as well as a few flashier models.

For the nudist biker:

Picture 40
For the nudist Republican:

Picture 41

For the nudist cat lady:

Picture 42'

"Sheer pants" and matching jacket; $49 and $59 respectively. So that even when your dick's not hanging out, your dick's hanging out.

Picture 48

The "uniwrap" for men, $25. A skirt.

Picture 49

The "sportif shorts" for men, $47. A skirt.

Picture 50

The zippered "Just Bare It" hat, $14. In case they can't figure out your nudism based on nudity alone.

Picture 46

The "intimate area shaver" for men and women, $69. But how do you tote this along with no thong to tuck it into?

Picture 47

The "buckle dress," $49. I knew Dov Charney was in on this somehow.

Picture 51


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    The nudist apparel shop is called "Under the Sun." They have a physical location in Tampa, Florida. I know the owners. They are great people and very helpful.

    They have so many fun things at their shop. If you are in Tampa, you really should go there.

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