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Ray Gordon Will Get You Laid for $50,000


I hadn't heard of Pick-Up Artist Ray Gordon until he hopped over to the Sexist to defend the seduction community industry against charges of misanthropy. Boy, am I glad he stopped by.

According to his Web site, Ray Gordon—author of "Outfoxing the Foxes" and "29 Reasons Not to be a Nice Guy"—is not just any member of the seduction community. He is, he writes, "the reason it exists!" In case you care, that claim is "completely verifiable."

Anyway, Ray Gordon is pissed because he totally created the art of picking up women, but he hasn't been rewarded with the requisite VH-1 Reality Show and elaborate collection of Dr. Seuss hats:

If you are at all familiar with the "community," you are probably already using my theory without realizing it. Ever use a pivot? I debuted it in 29 Reasons Not To Be A Nice Guy. Neil Strauss and VH-1 both parroted the term, but neglected to attribute it to me (how nice of them). Other contributions of mine include gimmicks (particularly psychic gimmicks), reverse-timetables, returning fox, one-and-done, the "spontaneous date" (where you invite her along rather than asking her out), and many other ideas my readers are well aware came from me.

All those famous Pick-Up Artists have stolen Ray Gordon's game. And now they're trying to steal your money, using Ray Gordon's secrets!:

Now let me let you in on a secret of the onilne "gurus" and how they get laid. Student-Funded Game: The gurus use the money you give them, and their status as "gurus," to get the women they tell you to get with material they don't even use themselves! Put another way:

Women want leaders of men, not followers of some internet guru. . . . Many "seduction gurus" would be stocking aisles at a grocery store with the sexuall-addicted, easily-conned men who feed them thousands of dollars in desperation.

All of which is by way of saying: just buy Ray Gordon's new book for $50,000. Get it while it lasts—there's only one (unrefundable) copy in existence.

  • Pop Cesspool

    Didn't Tom Cruise invent it, y'know, RESPECT THE COCK and all that?

    Oh, wait, that was a movie.

  • Joshua

    Nice mug shot, dude.

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  • mdesus

    for 150 bucks i can get you laid down by the south eastern waterfront. She just may be lacking teeth.

  • Coleman


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  • Michael Ellis

    What you don't know is that the REASON the was started is primarily because Ray Gordon made the the newsgroup unusable:

  • Ray Gordon

    By the way, the book will be releaed on Kindle at some point at a regular price. The $50k price is if some rich guy wants the only copy for one year.

    Information spreads too rapidly out here. Foxes and 29 reasons have been free for years.

    Now that the debate has moved to the regular media, a more balanced presentation is occurring, and not a moment too soon.

    My copyrights do prove first mention of the pivot technique, btw.

  • Ray Gordon

    And yeah, the "community" guys said I was NOT one of them.

    I'm proud of that. Real alpha males don't need groups.


    Ray's a mental case who claims to be a stock market wiz, a gold metal gymnastics coach, a psychic, the best gambler in the nation, and jesus. Yep, he claimed to be the 2nd coming of jesus and said he'd use his magical powers to cripple the children of his critics.

    He claimed the 9-11 attacks were caused by god punishing the people in the WTC who refused to hire him.

    He's no more a seduction guru than he is a gym coach or magical messiah.


    "My copyrights do prove first mention of the pivot technique, btw.

    Actually, as has already been pointed out to you... all the ideas you claim you originated have been shown to have been in use prior to your copyright dates. You took existing ideas from usenet discussions, and renamed them.

  • Ray Gordon

    Not to the journalist: now maybe you see what I'm talking about.

    Rival "gurus" have been spitting this garbage for years. They harassed my mother when she was dying (sent her a threatening letter), and have ties to violent white-supremacists. They are a CULT, with the gurus pryeying on guys like Sodini, most with Asperger's, who need to belong to something, and who are easily conned.

    The women often fell for this defamatory gossip as well, since they would look for reasons to dislike me. Most of the crap was long ago refuted -- the horse racing page of my site has over 20k in IRS jackpot forms, for example -- but it's sad how many females are Googlers who are easily misled by those they never met.

    Look at what these guys do online and you can see the similarities to Sodini. It's all done in the name to marketing to that type of loser, and they figure by being loud, and ganging up on me, the Asperger's-afflicted commercial "target" will just run to the crowd, regardless of cost.

    If these guys are such innovators, they should be teaching new stuff now. One reason I've held up the new book is to ensure that other gurus don't copy me again. Notice how they've run out of new ideas too.

    This type of cyberbullying is actually a felony on several different levels, but it also illulstrates how the CULT that spawned Sodini operates. In this case, the "Sodini" type is offered insider access for acting out against me.

    Ask yourself this: when do men risk prison or lawsuits? When something much more than an internet ego is at stake. This is strictly business to them. They're counting on the public to be "useful idiots," believe their lies, and maybe act out, thus assuming the legal risks.

    Had their criminal behavior been stopped in time, there's a chance the women in that health club could have been saved, since the industry that led to the shooting would have changed as well.

    It is difficult to respct female intelligence when women re repeatgedly fooled by guys like this.

    Ray Gordon

  • Ray Gordon

    To the author:

    Now you see how the CULT works. In this case, the "Sodini" type cyberstalks me to win favor with his "guru." Sometimes they just get paid like a RENT-A-MOB.

    They think the public is so stupid that it believes internet gossip, and they repeat the same lies over and over. Sadly, many women do treat search engines as reliable srouces of info instead of the bathroom walls that they are.

    This CULT spawned Sodini, many of them have ties to white-supremacists, and they even sent a letter to my dying mother, threatening her. They also act like the 20k in IRS jackpot forms on my website (gambling winnings) are false, but admitting I really am a horse racing expert would ruin their scheme.

    These folks also have ties to white-supremacists. Is there a reason your publication chooses to give them a voice? Perhaps your sponsors are more tolerant of felonies and hte crimes than I had realized. I know if I allowed that type of hate on my site, I'd fear a sponsor boycott.

    Ray Gordon

  • KT Chong

    This Ray Gordon came off like a psycho in his previous posts.