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Davidoff Cigars Not Buying the Male Orgasm Ads

Remember those Davidoff Cigar ads that featured males appearing to achieve orgasm after taking a whiff of cigar smoke? No? Here's a refresher:

Well, it looks like Davidoff has passed on the ad designs. Despite the free advertising provided by widespread Internet speculation concerning the intersection of grodiness and gender-role innovation suggested by the cigar ads, Davidoff isn't too happy about being associated with old men getting off on their product. (For the record, I thought they were interesting).

"These ads are NOT approved by Davidoff," Davidoff of Geneva brand manager Danielle K. Hawthorne writes. "They have not and will never run as advertising for our brand. We have asked that all of these concept ads be removed from circulation. Evidently someone has taken unapproved liberties by using the Davidoff logo and posting these as if they were currently running."

Those special "someones" could very well be advertisement photographer and copywriter Ted Sabarese and art director Marta Ibarrondo. The mock-up advertisements are still featured prominently on Ibarrondo's Web site, as well as under the "Commissioned" section of Sabarese's own site. Looks like whether or not Davidoff "approved" of these ads, someone must have, well, commissioned them.

  • NWtoSE

    SMOKING is DEPLORABLE. I don't even give my number to a male that smokes- PERIOD. I give him the quitline- 1 800 QUIT NOW. DC residents get free gum and patches. YUCK!

  • Jack Briggs


    It is the right all to be able to pursue happiness and smoking cigars to some is their happiness. You don't have to like smoking, but you don't have to go around bashing it either. If you don't have something nice to say perhaps you should just move on to something that you can be pleasant about. No cigar smoker cares that you're not into smoking. There are plenty of women that think smoking cigars is respectable and refined.


    --J Briggs

  • Jamie Scott

    Jack, I totally agree with you on that one. My man smokes cigars and I thinks its okay for him to do so and I don't mind having a smoke with him every so often too. But as for these Davidoff ads, they weren't too appealing to me. It wouldn't make me want to buy these cigars. Thanks to my man, he always buys Cuban cigars from an online site called so I get to smoke the best anyway and don't have to worry about sketchy cigars like these.