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Rap Sex Euphemism: “Wipe Me Down”


It's hard out there for a rap star trying to come out with the next big sexual euphemism. Armed only with weather patterns ("make it rain"), child-friendly sweets ("lick it like a lollipop") and whimsy ("superman that ho"), today's hip-hop stars struggle to coin a sex term as eternal as LL Cool J's ultimate rap sex euphemism: "doin' it." These are their stories.


DEFINING MOMENT: Lil' Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down"

UNDERLYING MEANING: There's no true consensus on what the fuck "wipe me down" actually means. But in the tradition of Lil' Wayne's "Walk It Off," Boosie's "Wipe Me Down" carries both sexual and non-sexual connotations. Most innocently, the phrase implies that one is "clean," "fresh," or otherwise "fly." In entreating another to "wipe me down"—as one would wipe down a newly washed car in the final stage of cleaning—the speaker indicates that she has reached the pinnacle of freshness.

The alternate meanings of "wipe me down" concern various acts associated with blow jobs: "to suck a man or boys dick or prick," suggests one Urban Dictionary user. Others consider a wiping down oral sex by proxy: "to give a guy a handjob by licking your hands and 'wiping' him down." Still others present a more ambiguous, but clearly sexual meaning: "To be used when things go extremely well with someone or something, for example, with someone of romantic interest. To wipe him or her down is a very good time indeed."

SHELF LIFE: Will never make it through the winter. Song kinda sucks, too.