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Gay Demon Exorcism Video Corner


Some think homosexuality is a choice. Others believe it's a social construct. And still more think that same-sex sexual attraction is the work of homosexual demons let loose by Lucifer, the Associate Press reports.

In this video from Manifested Glory Ministries, 16-year-old hyperventilates, vomits, and writhes on the floor while church members attempt to exercise the homosexuality out of him "in the name of Jesus":

"Rip it from his throat!" a woman yells. "Come on, you homosexual demon! You homosexual spirit, we call you out right now! Loose your grip, Lucifer!"

The group has since removed the video from its Web site following criticism of the video as child abuse. The power of Christ has compelled some interested parties to continue to re-copy the video and post it to Youtube, however.

  • Ron

    This makes us Black folk look so stupid and ridiculous. We accept, without investigation or challenge, an 'ole time religion' and do something like this. Jesus, in the Bible, never cast demons out in this manner. There was no ritual. He simply commanded them out and they went. So, what is all this nonsense? Don't say it is in the Bible because it is not.

  • mdesus

    Leviticus says that homosexuality is detestable (and tha they should e put to death. In fact it even says its there fault, and not that it is some supernatural force), but where do these exorcism rights come from? I know the catholic church made theirs up a long time ago, but what about these fools? I exercised my homosexual demon, but had to invite it back when my dog stopped recognizing me.

  • xz

    Honestly, I think the debate about this is stupid. This Church believes homosexuality is a sin. This boy went into it, and shared their beliefs. He chose to undergo the ritual.

    Gay activists have every right to attempt to change laws and society in general. But the religious beliefs of others are out of their field. It's not homophobic, it's their religious belief. Leave it.

  • JP

    In my opinion...

    Should these people have a right to practice their beliefs? absolutely.

    Should they receive any public funding to maintain their practice, place of worship, or radio program. absolutely not.

    Should they be investigated for committing a hate crime?
    Yes. If the yong man volunteered and there was no harm done they can go back to their business.