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Punk Rock Brides: Like Regular Brides, With Attitude

What does a punk-rock bride wear to her big day? If designer Stephanie Ward's "Punk Rock Bride" collection is any indication, she wears the same flowey white thing the other brides wear—but with an attitude. Ward writes that she designs for the "bride who is looking for an original, non-traditional wedding dress." To me, these pretty, ruffled, white designs are perfect fit for the bride who wants a different kind of wedding dress—without sacrificing the traditional virginal imagery (or the cost).

Check out Ward's Joey Ramone-inspired off-white silk charmeuse creations, after the jump.

Joan Jett would be right at home with this bride's studded stilletos, passed-out-in-an-alley pose, and French chantilly lace overlay. $3,900.

This silk chiffon sleeve must be inspired by Judy's Ice Capades phase. $3,400.

Johnny Rotten was known to trade in the studded belt for this silk organza beaded band from time to time. $3,100.

If you stare longingly into this dress's silk chiffon ruffle and pleated overlay, you can just make out the outline of the Misfits' iconic fiend skull. Available in off-white. $3,800.

This layered silk ruffle-detail is perfect for the impromptu ceremony held under the highway overpass. $3,400.

Photos courtesy of Punk Rock Bride, LLC.

  • Nikki

    These punk rock bride models look like they need some sandwiches! I guess sandwiches aren't very "punk rock" though.

  • Ian Schlapkohl

    *puts on a wedding dress*
    *stands next to graffiti*
    *is punk rock*

  • julie

    the only thing about this collection I like are the shoes on that first model. Those are hot. Also, I would like to see what these dresses look like after the models get up from lying on the ground, haha. I bet that's a little more punk rock.

  • Liz

    Maybe they're not what Nancy Spungen would wear to her wedding, but they're definitely not traditional. Have you guys seen what's out there?? I have and it's scary.

  • Sara

    these are definitely not generic wedding dresses. who cares what the name of the company is? bottom line - the dresses are different and pretty.

  • Becky

    These dresses do exactly what punk rock was all about - showing who you are whether the rest of the world (your grandma and future mother-in-law included) like it or not. That doesn't mean you have to wear all black or have spiky hair or whatever people say "punk" is. It just means you have to be you, right?

  • …done

    A $3000k + dress is not punk rock.

    Making your own dress or throwing on a $5 cotton tank and $5 thrift store skirt is. A Misfits skull on a $3800 dress is not punk, it is poser b.s.