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White & Crazy Kids Fans Functionally Illiterate When Mad

It's time again for the Sexist comments of the week! Remember White & Crazy Kids, of date-rape anthem “Get Your Drink On” fame? Well, they read this thing where I called them douchebags, and wrote in to get Very Serious about how they were Just Joking.

First, let's review some highlights of "Get Your Drink On":

- "Blacked out getting head from a fat chick"

- "As soon as I black out, I act out" / "Five a.m. come around, I’m pulling my dick out."

- "Patron ‘em up, and they get down to blowin’"

As you can see, the date-rape themes in "Get Your Drink On" are mostly intelligible! Which is more than I can say for the following defenses of its date-rape themes:

Jt, who is listed as a contact on the White & Crazy Kids Web site (and who may just be white and crazy enough to be in the band!) writes:

The white crazy kids is a funny hiphop group and your taking the lryic too seriously! Their going to become the biggest thing since wired al! Jk but there pretty damn good and think there better Aston r.

Beast mode writes:

This is supposed to be music u get drunk to anyway. That’s why they put a parental advisory sticker on cd’s. Quit hatn and grab ur cup.nbig

toblerone writes:

So the white and crazy kids with a song called “Get Your Drink On” rates lower on the “Date-Rape Jamology” than a song by a group named “Anal Cunts” named “You Were Too Ugly To Rape”? Ok, you and your silly blog need to shut up…now.

  • Coleman

    Yeah we already have the comments of the week locked up and it's only Monday.

  • Coleman

    And no one can understand the lyrics to grindcore songs so Anal Cunt's offensiveness is (sort of) automatically lessened.

  • toblerone

    So, because you didn't like my dismissive response to your ridiculously, overblown blog post, my defense is now unintelligible? Once again, you have driven home the fact that your silly blog is nothing more than a soapbox, through which, you try and pull off your best impression.

    The thing is, if you want full disclosure, I do know the "White and Crazy, Kids." I don't think that should come as a surprise, really. I wonder, though, how well you really know them? I mean, you must be a friend of theirs if you're willing to give them such publicity over their "outrageous" material right? I'm exaggerating, of course, but I think you get my point.

    You don't really believe that your little blog is gonna stop them from releasing their album, do you? You don't really think that this kind of attention will do anything other than drive record sales, do you? I think Universal Music knew what they were getting into, when they gave them a contract.

    Do you understand how much you feed into exactly the problem that you are trying to expose? I don't think you do. In fact, I think you'd be elated if this blog post was Dugg because of the controversial issue you brought up and you started getting a real readership. It's a mutually beneficial relationship and, unless you're willing to accept that, you might want to reconsider your "outrage."

    Ultimately, I think my point can be summed up like this. It's an image. Manufactured and not reality. You may disagree with it, which is your right. But, in doing so, and posting it on your Jezebel-clone, you are re-enforcing your image. Labeling the "White and Crazy Kids" as "Date Rapists", is the coup de grace. It's like you've rehearsed the part. You're no different than when a Republican goes onto Fox News and starts calling Democrats "liberals" or "Socialist."

    Was that "unintelligible" enough for you?

  • Thomas

    Amanda Hess just got owned. nuff said. ^

  • mary

    toblerone misses the point. this blog isn't about it's author-- it's about sexism in our culture. and no matter how many ten cent words you put into your sentences, you are still the same guy you made the aforementioned comments. and belittling amanda hess's blog doesn't "white and crazy kids" suck any less or, more importantly, be less sexist. furthermore, the argument was never to censor the song or prevent these crazy white assholes from being crazy white assholes, but rather, to open up a discussion about why people in our culture continue to be okay with getting drunk to songs with lyrics that clearly endorse date rape and other versions of both violence and misogyny.

    so no, amanda hess didn't get owned-- toblerone just picked up a thesaurus and made a lot of overblown accusations on a blog that he thinks is stupid. But, wait...he IS COMMENTING ON AT THE SAME TIME THAT BE IS CALLING IT UNIMPORTANT. That seems a bit anachronistic to me. That'll be in your thesaurus too, man! Don't worry!

  • simon

    if you're going to criticize someone's word usage, use anachronistic correctly, dipshit. It's not anachronistic in any way, but you could have pointed out it is a logical fallacy. Not to mention that sentence (But, wait…he IS COMMENTING ON AT THE SAME TIME THAT BE IS CALLING IT UNIMPORTANT) is grammatically incorrect (presumably because you got so mad that you became functionally illiterate- which is fairly ironic), and makes you look stupid due to your use of capitalization- a major no-no of online communication. The majority of the people who know who W&CK even are go to a private liberal arts college, so I have a hard time believing they are functionally illiterate.

  • simon


  • toblerone

    I don't actually think there's a single word in my response that would necessitate the use of a thesaurus for anyone with a college education. Regardless, I'm sorry I made your readers functionally illiterate Amanda. Simon's right. Quite Ironic. Mary, the next time you decide to use a 10 cent word you might want to use your thesaurus in conjunction with a dictionary. pwned.

  • Amanda Hess

    Everyone functionally illiterate when mad, except toblerone!

  • simon

    "Everyone functionally illiterate when mad, except toblerone!"

    go back to the kitchen

  • Maxwell Payne

    Someone needs to lighten up.

  • Jbird

    I had no idea that pwned was still in the douchebag dictionary. You're so 2007, frattie.

  • je di

    The comment "go back to the kitchen" made me smile because in one way or another misogynists always show their hand, don't they? -j