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Map That Sex Offender

D.C. police have launched a new feature for mapping sex offenders in your area. Since 2001, D.C. has provided the names, photographs, and addresses of registered sex offenders living in Washington; now, the sex-offender-monitoring service has upgraded to the Google Maps treatment.

Here's the sex offender view outside the Washington City Paper offices:

Below the map, the names, photographs, and To Catch a Predator convictions of CP's seven registered-sex-offender neighbors pop up.  The addresses are only specific to the sex offender's block. The whole thing seems a little creepy to me, if only because it seems like a total sex offender move to map a radius of targeted individuals around your home or workplace. Click here to do it!

  • Q

    SEEMS CREEPY?!? That is an understatement. I'm all for protection from criminals, but this and the mapping database seems a little invasive if you ask me. Why not have them wear a SCARLET LETTER with an electronic beacon too, so there very whereabouts can be tracked.

  • Amanda Hess

    Like Gawker Stalker, but for stalkers. They should call it: "Stalker Stalker."

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  • TomHandy

    I guess this is something I've always wondered........ I certainly get the idea that people should have easy ways to find out when there are sex offenders in their midst, but it seems like the need for this is an acknowledgement that as a society we aren't comfortable releasing them back into the wild even after they've served their time. The question then, is, why release sex offenders at all if we don't trust them?

  • Matt Corrigan

    I think this is awesome, all the information we have had anyway in an easy to use format.
    Parents of DC children are unusually on one extreme or the other, either crazy paranoid that something will happen to their child, or don't give a damn.
    Our prisons are overcrowded and unsanitary the way it is, The question is can they once again adapt to life outside of bars, finding a job, creating a business, and paying the bills. If they end up on the street and up to their own devices, then we may be up for a repeat offense.
    Unfortunately the recidivism rate is high, but this is another look to see if that rate reduces itself, the District is small enough to have measurable results, that may be expandable to the rest of country.
    Personally I think this is awesome, although I do worry about them being harassed, creating the isolation necessary for additional offenses. As far as the police being able to protect them from harassment... Give me a Fn Break!