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Don’t Blame Glenn Beck’s Hot Mormon Wife

"I'm so blessed to be able to have a wife who will tell me 'you're coming home now,' and I want that from her."

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I just received this little gift in my inbox courtesy of Ayn Rand philosophy emporium / Objectivist dating site "The Atlasphere." It's called "Who Is Glenn Beck?," and it's written by John Stossel.

Usually, the photograph of Stossel's sensuous mustache would be enough to make me click through to an Atlasphere column. Here, we've got an even sweeter prize, however. Glenn Beck's sexism: explained!

Stossel notes that he's not the first to tackle the "Who Is Glenn Beck" question. Kieth Olbermann, Whoopie Goldberg, and Jon Stewart have all claimed to have figured the guy out, concluding that Beck is "the worst person in the world," a "lying sack of dog mess," and "a guy who says what people who aren’t thinking are thinking," respectively.

But Stossel may be the first to get to the deep psychological core of "Who Is Glenn Beck." After ticking off his parents' divorce, his mother's alcoholism, and her eventual suicide, Stossel lands on the woman behind the sexist: Beck's hot Mormon wife.

When Stossel asked Beck why he decided to become a Mormon, Beck replied:

"I apologize, but guys will understand this. My wife is, like, hot, and she wouldn’t have sex with me until we got married. And she wouldn’t marry me unless we had a religion."

Beck's wife, Tania, confirmed it to Stossel: "He’s not joking."

So far, "Who Is Glenn Beck" is providing more questions than answers. Why would you marry someone to have sex with them? Why would you become a Mormon to marry someone to have sex with them? Does making a man become a Mormon before having sex with him actually make you hotter? Which "guys" will understand this?

Still, Stossel thinks he's hit on something with the hot Mormon wife thing:

Now Beck says that Mormonism has grounded him, so he’s grateful to his wife.

Whatever grounded him, I’m glad something did. Because it’s good to have a super-successful cable-TV host arguing that life would be better if government—Democrats and Republicans—just left Americans alone.

Listen, I'm not going to blame Tania Beck for Glenn Beck's idea of limited government, or for convincing anyone else that Glenn Beck is "grounded." Still, Glenn Beck's assertion that marrying a no-sex-until-Mormon babe is the thing that really leveled his head may have affected Beck's perspective on women in general:

* On Nancy Pelosi: "Girl, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!"

* "Cindy Sheehan is a tragedy slut."

* On Gloria Steinem: "You self-centered self-righteous socialist out of control dangerous man-hating bitch. Shut your mouth. We might have bought into this crap in the 1960s because too many people were doing LSD. We're not on LSD anymore—we need to start making sense."

  • Spencer

    I think a clarification is in order. Beck (divorced with kids) began dating his then-future wife, Tania. Neither were LDS (Mormon) at the time. But when Beck proposed, she insisted they first find a religion in which they could raise their children. They visited several different congregations and eventually became converted to and joined the LDS Church.

    And it looks like Beck's "I converted for the sex" comment, I'm not sure I would take it too seriously. Here's an account of his investigation of the LDS Church:

    Glenn, Tania, and his two daughters from his previous marriage began attending every kind of church they could find. When Pat found out about their church tour, he insisted that they give The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a try.

    “Mary [Glenn’s oldest daughter, who has cerebral palsy] was the first one to feel the Spirit,” said Glenn. “As we were walking out of the chapel, there was a Dunkin Donuts coffee calling my name. The girls didn’t like the church tour at all, but Mary asked, ‘Can we go back there?’ It stopped us dead in our tracks. She said, ‘I just feel so warm inside.’” Glenn agreed to keep going until someone said something that made him mad, which he thought was sure to happen.

    But it didn’t happen, and soon Glenn was seriously investigating the Church. “There were bodies of missionaries at my front door,” he laughs. “I think for seven months they were coming. The second, maybe the third discussion that we had, they turned white because I walked in with Mormon Doctrine. I had been reading it like a novel, and I was making notes because I wasn’t going to join something I didn’t firmly believe in. I really had turned over the stones and had really looked.”

    Then came the moment Glenn knew he was going to become a member. “I was sitting in Priesthood, and a guy who I had dubbed ‘The Amazing Mr. Plastic Man’—because he was the happiest guy on the planet—was teaching the concept of Zion. It wasn’t a concept that I had really seriously considered before. He asked, ‘How can it happen?’ Tears started to roll down his cheeks and he said, ‘It can only happen if I truly love you and you love me.’”

    Wiping tears from his eyes, Glenn continues his story saying, “During that Priesthood lesson I realized I was at a crossroads. There was no reason why I shouldn’t join the Church, other than I didn’t want to be a Mormon. And I thought, ‘Are you really going to let coffee, swearing, rated-R movies, and all that stop you?’”

    Pat baptized Glenn on October 23, 1999—an experience that would be extremely emotional for them both. “It was the longest baptism ever,” Glenn recalls with tears streaming down his face. “We were standing in the water and he couldn’t get the words out. He had watched me struggle for so long. He’d waited for so long. And I couldn’t stop crying. I had seen just a glimpse of the power of the Lord and His promises if you walk in His footsteps. I thought, ‘If I do this, He’ll carry my load.’ I couldn’t wait for that to happen.”

    By joining the Church, Glenn finally found meaning in his life and a new outlook. “The great thing about the gospel is that we know the end of the story,” he says. “That’s why I’ve changed. I still have high levels of stress, but not like before. As long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, to the best of my ability, striving diligently to follow the Lord’s footsteps, I can lose my job. The money, the house, it’s a total byproduct. It’s an extra little perk, where ten years ago it would have been all about that. My perspective has totally changed.”

    So it sounds like his conversion was not opportunistic after all.

  • Amanda Hess

    Wow, I'm not going to ask the question "Who Is Glenn Beck" ever again.

  • Coleman


  • Justmeherenow

    Let's see, what was the rationale for Whoopie's saying that Beck lied? Well, what she said to Beck was, "For you to make something up like that, and to say we pulled you in, it was a lie." (

    Or else...maybe it was something about the two parties, Beck with his wife -- Walters with Goldberg, having been hospitable to each other on the train, yet, thereafter, Beck had characterized their meeting as less than that, somehow, within his subsequent telling of the story on his radio show?

    Whatever the case, the The Independent (London) has called "a very minor fib."

    The weird thing is, according to things I've read, Goldberg has been on the receiving end of some threatening comments by militant anti-abortionists for some commentary she's made.... Anyway -- whether for this reasons or for some other reason -- the fact is that Amtrak told reporter Scott Baker that ABC had requested of Amtrak an escort from Amtrak police for Goldberg and Walters...which had been the premise of Beck's original, passing commentary on his radio show.

    (I'm a lefty myself, but am intrigued by some of the TV political feuds -- such as Letterman-Palin and the like....)

  • MormonKid

    I thought Spencer's comments are right on the money!

  • JC

    I saw my parents go through a similar conversion to the Mormon Church. I remember them sitting at the kitchen table with their coffee, cigarettes, whiskey, (for hot toddies only) and asking each other if they could give this all up to join the Mormon Church. Both my parents families were sooooo against them becoming members of the LDS church. In actuality, loss of their family's support was probably their biggest fear. Dad reached up and scooped everything into the garbage can. Its been well over 25 years, now. Their family suuport came back slowly over several years (now that is sad), but our family has blossomed and is stronger for the sacrifice that my parent's made so long ago.

  • Justmeherenow
  • Conrad Davis

    Mormonism: Come for the sex, stay for the nonsense.

  • Susan

    Why Did Glenn Beck end up with custody of his daughters.
    He acts like a clown on his 5pm show, what is he a mr
    jenkel and Hyde.
    Morons don't act as he does!

  • http://na hopshing

    when all is said and done, we will find that GB is another higly paid voice on the conservative landscape. Clearly not the only one, but this dorky Irish coolie has some clout thanks to the current political climate. If it where another time and place, it would be GB who?

  • anne shea

    He's an idiot! Full of hate...can't stand to listen to him.

  • Petey

    Why do you care what Beck's religion is or why he follows it? Is it important to you?

    "Oh it's because he forces his views on us." Horseshit. No one can force their views on you. You have the choice to ignore them. If you don't ignore them, that is also a choice.

    I submit that you enjoy being upset by people you disagree with, and enjoy retorting to them directly or indirectly. In other words, you are interested in Glenn Beck and what he has to say and what religion he practices. Therefore you feed him. You love him. You cannot be you without him.

    Congratulations! You're part of the problem! Take a bow!

  • Jerry

    Is this the most f'd up guy ever???

    If we weren't sure of it before, this story has sealed the deal.

  • Patty

    Something wrong with Glenn Beck's story that his older daughter Mary encouraged them to join the LDS church because I distinctly remember listening a few years ago to him on a local radio station in Philly 1240AM and he stated at that time he had problems with his daughters when they visited with his wife and him--he wanted them to dress more modestly and had to lecture them and Ibelieve the daughters were notLDS members.
    OK so which time is he telling he truth--or maybe neither.

  • Margie

    It's called a JOKE people. Good God, lighten up! Just because we're "Mormon" doesn't mean we can't make jokes. There are always many factors involved in a conversion. If the fact that he used to screw around with women when he wasn't married, and then came across a woman who wanted more than that, is it a crime to factor that in? If I fell in love with someone outside of my Church and they wanted to have sex, I would ask them to look into the Church as well. It's FREE CHOICE! I can sleep with who I choose, at the terms I choose. So can Beck. GROW UP.
    Isn't it a GOOD thing that a woman felt higher of herself than to sleep with a man until she felt comfortable in a religion (or whatever terms she chose)?

  • Margie

    His daughters ARE members. He was just saying that when they are with him rather than their mother (his ex wife), he would prefer for them to dress modestly. They were pre-teens at the time.

  • Margie

    You should remove comment #10 from your site. It is not appropriate to use racial slurs here, is it? I assume if it was the "N" word you would remove it? Thank you. Sorry for all the comments!

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  • karen

    It is unfortunate that Mr. Beck is such a poor example of Mormonism. Speaking as a Mormon whose lineage goes back to the founding of the church, I am ashamed of him.

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  • Dave

    If you're interested in more of Glenn Beck's conversion story to the Mormon faith, I'd encourage you to look at

    Let Glenn tell his own story in more detail, and not have quotes cherrypicked out of short interviews.

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  • Terry C

    Mormonism doesn't much like women.

    And neither does John Stossel.

    Oh, and his comments on Gloria Steinem...Gloria no doubt reminds him of the pretty, smart girls he went to school with who told him to take a hike.

    Man hater? Ms. Steinem is no more a man hater than I am. She was married to Christian Bale's father till he died. Beck had better watch out hatin' on Gloria, or her stepson is liable to come looking for him!

  • Don

    At the end of anyone's life, it will not matter what religion a person has been associated with. There is no absolute truth in any religion, only assumptions.
    Religious beliefs and supporting ideals causes chaos, not to mention wars.

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  • Deana

    I love the comments about how much of a liar and hate monger he is from people who are doing the same to him in return--hating him, calling him names, etc. It's comical! I like him. He's being more truthful than the entire democratic party. And I'm a democrat. Have been for 24 years. Anyone who disagrees, give me ONE TIME when he outright lied about information he gave on his show. I check and doublecheck things before I go blabbing it to people. You have to these days. He's on the up and up and THAT is why people are trying to make him look stupid and like an idiot.
    And it's not OK with society to wait to have sex until your married anymore? Are we really supposed to just hop into bed with every guy or girl we like? BECAUSE OF PREMARITAL SEX WE HAVE AIDS, one of the most deadly diseases known to mankind. If everyone waited til they were married and was faithful, there would be NO STD's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway, had to get that out. I don't understand why people are trying to pick him apart. He waited to have sex and joined a church because he LOVES her. I know that's a difficult concept for the far left liberals, but its true. I married my husband and remain faithful to him and go to church with him because I love him. Hmmm.... EVERYONE should try it! I'm the happiest I have ever been in my life. We have no money, I got laid off twice this year so far, but i wouldn't trade my life for anything. God bless you, Glenn Beck. Keep up the good fight!

  • Marijke

    I'm sorry you feel like that Karin. Glen Beck is what he is and I rather have him live next to me than a narrow minded person like you.

  • Andrea

    These comments are very interesting to me. It shows me how skewed people's perceptions can be when affected by gossip, misinformation or personal opinion about a fact.

    As far as the remarks about women, Mormonism is not at all sexist. It encourages family, as it is the building block of society, but is not sexist. In fact, Utah granted women the right to vote and own property far before any of the other states, but was a territory at the time. Hence, when they became a state, they re-granted those rights. Brigham Young often preached that women needed to receive and education. BYU was one of the first universities to encourage women to receive advanced education. And the church still urges women to receive college degrees and to continually further their knowledge throughout life. Please do your research.

    Also, I haven't seen much evidence that Glenn Beck is sexist. A few comments where he calls people out for who he thinks they are using common lingo used by people everywhere? If these women were men, and he commented the same way (oh wait, he does), then it would be a non-issue. But I guess that is the hypocrisy that successful white men have to deal with.

    AND I have to agree with #22. It is sad that having morals is considered so out of style that people are even making an issue about someone who decided to wait for sex until after marriage. Of course, trying to convince people that they are more open-minded and more experienced, and thus more knowledgeable if they don't have morals is a very political move, here in the US.

  • BenGleck

    Glen Beck stole his identity and persona from ME, Ben Gleck, I'm the original woman hating, closet homosexual, hallway homophobe TV personality who knows not what he speaks of, ME!
    You will be hearing from my lawyer.

  • anon e mouse

    glenn beck reminds me of the joker from the last batman movie. he has called himself a clown. he draws a crowd to himself, then delivers a message. what if mormon missionaries had converted the joker? maybe instead of planting bombs in ships to prove mans inherent selfishness that leads to societies inevitable selfdestruction, the joker would be a radio, and t.v. talkshow host, and best selling author... and after gathering a crowd try to explain humans inherent transcendant potential. and that we can make it... despite societies predilection for genocide. how would the joker look after the makup washed away in a mormon baptismal font? like glenn, i think...

  • george

    I thought beck checked everything out looked into the hidden details and all. It appears he did not do this with his religious choice. I am a former LDS for 25 yrs before I took a hard look at it and its REAL HISTORY the one they don't talk about. Joe Smith and others were con men and convicted of it,Smith took others wifes and even took advantage of young girls 13 and 14 yr olds. Brigham Young had the same problem as well as telling memebers there were 10 " tall Quaker looking people on the moon. The prophets of this church have acted the same as Todays Warren Jeffs an d hes going to prison just like Joe smith . Glen has turned a blind eye my guess its the sex that made up his mind. Wait a minute that makes him a perfect LDS future prophet.

  • Lenny

    This fake of a man in his worn jeans made $23,000,000. in 2008 alone and this isn't counting the many books he has out there and the move to FOX , this guy is getting over like a fat cat, he's a shrewd operator..

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  • Stephanos

    Oh dear Lenny from December 16th, 2009; 3:21 pm.... Sounds like someone is a little jealous. I always believed that through hard honest work, one is duly rewarded. Ummm, and I bet a lot of that money, rather I know a lot of his money it is going to a higher cause, like helping people in need. So little Lenny, maybe someone needs to get of the sofa and try to contribute to society with some factual course of action and not just a number.

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  • rasputen

    Glen Beck delivers a lot of good information. All of it true.. whether he is mormon, or batman makes little difference.

  • garythenotrashcouger

    #27 I'm shocked that u didn't tell everyone that Mormons have horns on their heads. site your research, find me a book that has some legal document that has smith convicted of any of that and then I'll listen to you. just because someone writes it in a book doesn't make it true. watch this... did u know that Mormons think pigs can fly. u wanna know something, i just made that up, watch how it can progress:
    Joe smith thinks pigs can fly
    Joe smith loves pigs
    Joe smith made love to pigs
    Joe smith loves other things like kids
    Joe smith made love to kids

    see how easy it is. how much u wanna bet i could put that in a book and make a bunch of money. by the way I'm a jack Mormon so i could cuss u out if I wanted to but u are not worth the effort

  • eirball if you want the truth go to the source!

  • garythenotrashcouger

    one more thing, to Karen, you bring more shame to the church than glen could ever hope of doing. why? because your comment seemed to say that you are a better rep. of the church because your family lineage gos back to its founding. do you think god cares if your lineage goes back that far? no he cares if your a good person and live your life well. if u don't like glen then good for you but your lineage means nothing and you know it

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  • Will

    Joseph Smith Like Mohommed were nothing more than false prophets with evil histories... Glenn Beck says some good things about limited government, but some things are just way off. And STOP CRYING OVER EVERY LITTLE THING GLEN!!!!!

  • Carl

    Well, I knew O'Reilly was RC and I believe that Hannity is also. and I was wondering about Glenn Beck, so when I
    googled Is Glen Beck a Mormon? I wasn't overly surprised
    that this came up. I was raised in a sect that doesn't
    teach about the new birth in Jesus Christ, and often when looking for a group, man looks on the outward appearance. Walter Martin's Book The Kingdom of the Cults
    clearly spells out what Mormonism is. Glenn should talk to some businessmen who have tried to start a business in Salt Lake who are not Mormon. Or Government workers who are not Mormon and see how hard it is to get a promotion if you are not Mormon. They will take you in
    a room and tell you flat out that you will never be promoted, and by the way, all these other folks will say
    this conversation, it never happened. And Beck thinks
    that Congress is CROOKED, full of liars and cheats. Why
    just spend some time as a non-mormon in Salt Lake and you
    will see such corruption as you never believe existed any
    where else, Ask Sandra Tanner who was Mormon and wrote
    a book about exposing Mormonism as the CULT that it is.
    If you have ever come out of Freemasonry after God saved
    you, you will not be surprised that the founders of Mormonism were Freemasons and much of their rites are also incorporated into the Temple ceremony. Beck is deceived on this matter, I pray his eyes will be opened!!

  • garythenotrashcouger

    like i said before writing something down doesn't make it true. u know why its hard being a non mormon in utah, because everyone else is a mormon, is] he people in utah that suck and hate on non mormons NOT THE CHURCH.

  • katherine

    Correct, one can write anything in a book and it doesn't mean there's any truth in it at all. Just look at the "bible."

  • Jones

    My friend Carl what planet do you hail from? I am glad you claim to believe in Jesus Christ but at the same time spread your lies, hate, and complete foolish ignorance. Quoting sources like Walter Martin and Susan Tanner who are such honest people almost as honest as you. Yes Joseph Smith was a Freeason so what many great religious leaders were and are not to mention some of our greatest goverment leaders. I bet you dedicated your own website into trashing mormons and any other religion just cause you carry some sort of grudge against anyone that doesnt agree with you or your beliefs. My friend Christ taught us to love one another, do you claim to follow his example? Did he go around and mock other beliefs during his ministry? I will answer that for you... no he just taught the gospel in its purity and the pharisee's and saducee's mocked him and what he taught. My friend please preach tolerance and love if you follow the Son of God. I am sick and tired of people claming to be Christian and attack other religions or groups, whether it be Mormons, Freemasons,Jehovah Witness,Muslims or whatever leave them alone. I happen to study all religion instead of believe what others tell me about it. When it comes to not getting promoted or not getting a job cause your not Mormon that is your made up opinion. Just cause I am not Baptist and I live in Florida that means I cant get or job or be promoted? If that was the case you could sue the business or company for doing that. My friend stop with you hate it will lead you nowhere.

  • Doug Webster

    Dear Glenn. If you discovered the LDS church to be false & riddled with error would you have the courage to leave the church ?? My wife & I discovered that and we did leave the LDS church. Here's a few errors. The birth of your Jesus was not a VIRGIN birth. Elohim (Father in Heaven) came to earth (from planet Kolob) and had SEX with Mary. That's not a virgin birth. The LDS church teaches eternal progression (man may become god) which means many gods (poly theism). False, there is only one God. BLOOD ATTONEMENT says there are some sins so egregious that Christ's blood is insufficient and man must have his own blood shed. That is blasphemous. There is no Arronic or Melchedisic priesthood on the earth today. Glenn, any God fearing honest person when confronted with the facts will leave the LDS church and find a good Christian church where the gospel is being preached and the BLOOD OF THE REAL JESUS (virgin born) is tought to be the only saving power for forgiveness of sin and reason for our salvation.
    Please e-mail us Glenn. .. Doug & Janet Webster.
    PS: Check this out in Bruce R, McKonke's "Mormon Doctrine" and James E. Tallmage's "Jesus the Christ."