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Unlock CVS Condoms: The Petition

Via Feministe: Advocates for Youth, in conjunction with Cure CVS Now, has created a petition to tell CVS to unlock the condom cases in its stores:

Call on CVS to unlock condom cases in all its stores. Locked condoms create a barrier to condom access, and could be a threat to public health. CVS's practice of locking condom cases in minority neighborhoods is unacceptable, and we urge CVS to change its store policy. Walgreens and Rite-Aid prohibit condom lock-up: it's time CVS did the same.

CVS claims to have unlocked all of the condoms in its Washington, D.C. stores. Last month, I wrote a story about how, despite the lip service, condom access in our CVS stores remains a pain in the ass. Unlocking the condoms and then placing them into click-boxes which are often broken—and sometimes actually locked!—isn't good enough. Perhaps the petition should read: Unlock the condoms. For real this time, guys.

Sign the petition here.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • anonymous

    you know what, i am sick and tired of you cure cvs people and other people who criticize cvs. they can do whatever they want to do. they are a business in a free country and if they want to lock those up because people are stealing them then they should be able to do so. if you honestly were going to buy them then you wouldnt have a problem with them being locked up.

    i do have a simple solution though. if cvs "OFFENDS" you by locking the condoms up then DONT shop there. since walgreens and rite aid dont lock them up go shop there. wal mart sells them too and you can not tell me there is not a wal mart in your hometown. these people act like cvs is the only company who sells condoms.