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Sexist Comments of the Week

On The Five Most Inappropriate CockBib Phrases, Lisa B and Janet get me good. Real good.

Lisa B says:

I saw the site and I think that it is pretty funny! I looks like they are selling it as novelty gifts. I would buy 1 lol!

Janet says:

This site is great, LOL! I want one for my husband…

Amanda Hess (after realizing that Lisa B and Janet are coming from the same IP address):

“Janet” and “Lisa B,” I know you’re the same person. Don’t you have offensive CockBib messages to brainstorm? Get back to work!

Amanda Hess Says:

I love CockBibs now that I have seen the site! Sorry Janet and Lisa… I was a Jerk!

  • Amanda Hess

    Oh I am such a purde that I just had to make my point by going out of my way to distinguish myself from myself simply because I have have nothing better to do than to try to out smart other people in a feibel attempt feel better about my self.

    As you can see I have a lot of time on my hands while waiting for my CockBib to arrive so I guess I will just keep makinging myself look desperate, boring and foolish!

  • Amanda Hess

    Look at me, I'm amanda hess. I work for jezebel so I am special! I can show everyone my super posting powers because I am amanda hess! lol

  • Lisa & Janet

    Naw, I am just messing with you amanda. You are cool with me!

  • Amanda Hess

    Just for the record, I don't work for Jezebel.

  • Amanda Hess

    I make my boyfriend sleep in a cock bib just in case I want to give him a lil' of the good mornin' to ya!

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  • missdk

    This is great. More please. *popcorn*

  • Amanda Hess

    Hi I am also Amanda Hess! Even tho my writing style syntax and IP address are completely different from, uh, mine and generally lacking in punctuation, etc.

    Blah blah blah CockBib CockBib CockBib?