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“The Road” Trailer Needs Less Woman


Cormack McCarthy is one of my favorite writers, and I love a good apocalyptic disaster flick, so I'm very excited about the forthcoming film adaptation of McCarthy's "The Road."

Hopefully, it will be nothing like the trailer.

I've heard that the disaster footage at the beginning of the teaser won't appear in the actual film. And I understand that them's the rules—in Hollywood trailers, you gotta draw the popcorn munchers in with the forest fires, the tornadoes, and the volcanoes in order to get them to watch the good shit (the post-apocalypse).

What else do Hollywood trailers need to get folks in the door? A glowing Charlize Theron character! Way too much of her. I hope the actual film has way fewer tornadoes, and far less woman.

In the book, Theron's character was little more than a suggestion—a memory that haunted the father-and-son duo. She wouldn't have had a large enough role to pad out this two-minute trailer. And yet, there she is: glowing in a tanktop, glowing by the boy's side, glowing in a pink sweater, glowing with tears in her eyes, looking pretty rough in that beanie, looking pretty rough in the beanie again, again with the beanie, and, okay, one last time in the beanie. Meanwhile, Viggo Mortensen looks like he prepared for the role by hibernating on the ocean floor for several months.

I'm all for expanding good roles for women in film, but this is the apocalypse, dudes. If your end-of-the-world scenario includes Charlize Theron hangin' out looking good, the end of the world doesn't sound so bad after all. As one YouTube commenter wrote, "found the book quite hard work. this looks good though."

  • Coleman

    SPOILER: The "Woman" character is ambiguous in The Road, but the actual cause of the apocalypse is even more ambiguous. We get the barren, blasted landscapes, but no hint of what did the blasting. Nuclear bombs? Climate change?

    I wouldn't lose hope, though. From the look of the trailer, (which a lot of Ms. Theron) it could still stay true to the book, which is a total sausage fest.

  • Amanda Hess

    I realize that "sausage fest" is a nod to the nearly all-male cast of the book, but I think it's funny to apply that phrase to characters who survive on juice packets and roasted babies alone.

  • Coleman


  • Amanda Hess

    oops. i mean, there may or may NOT be juice packets when the apocalypse comes.

  • Spector

    I SAW IT. Charlize is not a problem, but excellent, and an important piece of the film. It is surprising that the brilliant kid actor Codi Smit-Macphee is hardly featured in the trailer, but face it, the trailer stinks. (Mercifully, in the film there is no news reportage or blow-by-blow disaster footage that you see here.) It's an adaptation so brilliant that you might have to be a sociopath to enjoy watching it. The little glimmers of hope are a few squiggles of plastic cheese on all the rest, which was perfect, if you are up for an unbearably stark and sadistic pile of torture. Watch Children of Men afterwards to cheer up.