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Misogynist of the Week

I'm debuting a new feature on The Sexist today—the  Misogynist of the Week. Who truly hates women and who's merely phoning it in? Let's take a spin on the Internet misogyny whirl-a-gig and crown ourselves a winner!

CANDIDATE: Roissy in D.C., "Keys to a Healthy Relationship"—manages to make "whey protein" even fucking lamer than it already is!

After you’ve shot your whey protein-boosted load across her chest, admire your handiwork for a bit, get up, grab a towel, and throw it in her face while saying 'You’d better clean yourself off, babe.' This is catnip to chicks. I don’t know why. Just run with it.

CANDIDATE: Tucker Max: "The Celebrity Tipping Point"—manages to offend both women and the disabled!

"shit man, I've fucked a midget, and amputee and a set of twins, raise your hand if you've ever done that!"

CANDIDATE: Linda Hirshman, "How Jezebel Hurts Feminism"—manages to incoherently label real, live rape victims as "symptoms," and also accuse these symptoms of being incoherent—incoherent symptoms of weakness, these women are.

Women can pretend they’re female chauvinist pigs, but it’s still women who are more sexually vulnerable to stronger men, due to the possibilities of physical abuse and pregnancy. These Jezebel writers are a symptom of the weaknesses in the model of perfect egalitarian sexual freedom; in fact, it’s the supposed concern with feminism that makes the site so problematic. How can Tracie, who posted this picture, criticize the men who go to Hooters? How can writers who justify not reporting rape criticize the military for not controlling…rape? It’s incoherent.

Do I have to choose? The winner, after the jump.

WINNER: Let's give it to Roissy. He's a local, and he offers this irresistible bonus misogyny at the end of his post: "Cum in her mouth and hold it closed until she swallows it. Also known as: Pair bonding." Yes, but how can you cum in her mouth and throw a towel at her face at the same time?

Photo by SantaRosa OLDSKOOL

  • Simon

    not a fan of this feature -- just gives more publicity to those putzes.

  • Amanda Hess

    Thanks for the feedback. What if I added a "feminist of the week" to the mix?

  • Bhetti

    They're talking about having sex. Which is not pretty flowers and unicorns. Max clearly loves these women more than you do, would YOU have sex with someone disabled and pridefully display it to the world? You're despising sexual expression here and I've heard women use the same terminology when talking about it, are they chauvinist or just sexual? You're validating Linda H's point here, which is repressing male sexuality on a hypocritical basis. It's a very wierd, tenuous thing to attack when you're talking about misogyny: it looks like you're attacking the language rather than the acts, which can smack of objectification.

    Linda H in that article was asking women to use their strength to take some responsibility for protecting themselves, not expecting the patriarchy to do it magically for them. She postulates that this shows how women ARE physically vulnerable, despite any denial about this. I've had a friend finally step up as having been abused and it turns out much older members of her family had it done to them, too. It sits on your conscience and is obviously the right thing to do, if not the easy one. She was talking about acknowledging hypocritical truths of ostensibly feminist behaviour, rather than saying 'rape is a woman's fault' misogynistically. You're putting words in her mouth which aren't there.

    Next time, use an extract that will actually convince me she's misogynist.

    There's plenty of stuff that's actually misogynist, if you bother to find it. This post was lazy and biased apparently on previous interpretations of what the posters said than what they are currently saying.
    Here, let me do some of your your work for you:

  • roissy

    i'd like to thank the academy...

    "Yes, but how can you cum in her mouth and throw a towel at her face at the same time?"


  • Simon

    see? my point exactly.

  • susanna

    I think I've finally figured Roissy out. He is secretly a nice, respectful guy who loves women. His blog strategy is to knowingly promote girl-repelling assholism disguised as "alpha" methods so that his readers piss off all the girls in DC, then he can swoop in and charm them.

    Also, I'm the biggest feminazi in existence but sometimes he makes me laugh. I know, I should have my card taken away.

  • Monad

    "girl repelling assholism" er....then I suppose 'nice guyism' is attractive to women?

  • Vaginaholic

    The interesting and puzzling thing to me is the way Roissy revels in misogyny, and yet plenty of women still play along in his comments section. Unfortunately it kinda validates his point.

  • Justin

    can you volunteer to be the misogynist of the week?

  • Amanda Hess


  • Beth

    Feminist of the week would be much less depressing and pointless. Forgive me if that is already implemented --- I'm reading these out of order.