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Vintage Lysol Douching Advertisement Corner

The turn-of-the-century Lysol douche: For those married women whose genitalia doesn't naturally reek of bleach like it used to. These early-1900s ads, courtesy of flickr user mrbill, explain the many marital problems that can be resolved by a good vagina sterilization.

The Lysol douche: for when your husband locks you out of the house

The Lysol douche: for when your husband locks you in the house

The Lysol douche: for when your vagina deteriorates after only five years of marriage

The Lysol douche: for when the "precious air of romance" is directly related to the scent of the air surrounding your vagina

The Lysol douche: for Germans

  • Shaker Caitiecat

    "Don't experiment - don't be mislead by false theories - make no mistake - only a poison can kill germs."

    Gee, way to make me want to put your product in my body, dudes. Tell me more about how I should use poison internally!

  • Tricia Olszewski

    This totally made my morning.

  • Amanda Hess

    haha. "only a poison can restore your femininity"

  • Coleman

    These chicks are hot.

  • Rob Bettmann

    That is some scariness... I used an old tobacco advertisement in a piece a while ago about European laws regulating use of theater critics words in theater advertising:

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  • LD

    I was just speaking with a friend on that said she used Lysol for medicine and douched. I SCREAMED OUT laughing but then looked on the interenet and there was. Lysol for fememine hygiene. And she still does...

  • mhellman

    What isn't said (and *couldn't* be said) in these ads was that 'germs' were euphemisms for sperms: that Lysol could be used as an after-sex spermicide... but it was ineffective at that task, too.

  • StephanJade

    Nice blog as for me. It would be great to read something more about that topic.

  • Diana

    I am 63 yrs old. When I told the girls that I work with that my mother told me when I go married to use Lysol as a douche, they couldn't believe it. So, I came online to show them and here were the ads! They still have their jaws on the floor!