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NewsChannel 8 Reporter Threatens to Punch Gay Blogger

NewsChannel 8 talk show co-host Doug McKelway threatened gay blogger Michael Rogers yesterday on live television, DCist reports. McKelway was interviewing Rogers about Outrage, a new documentary on closeted gay politicians and the activists who out them. Rogers, who advocates outing gay politicians who promote homophobic legislation, appears in the film.

"I have a problem with your community," McKelway says, before telling him (at about the 2:30 mark): "I'm going to do more than just point my finger at you. I'm gonna take you outside and give you a punch across the face."

Watch the video on PageOneQ here.

  • Steve Deal

    At least Natasha Barrett tried to bring some real journalism back into the interview. Natasha has a better head on her shoulders.

  • Shirley Smith

    Doug threatened to punch the guy in the nose not because he was gay but because the guy said Doug was a homophobe and that is what pissed him off because he is most certainly not a homophobe. He was defending the right of sexual privacy of people who are gay. You should watch the video more carefully, Amanda.

  • Johannes

    She knows. Her post is purposely misleading.

  • Mike Riggs

    Shirley and Johannes: Mike pointed out, accurately, that Doug treated sexual orientation as a shameful secret. Doug then threatened to punch Mike. What's misleading about that?

    Let me break that down in case the video moved too fast: A news anchor threatened violence against a guest because the guest said something the news anchor didn't like.

    With all due respect, are you two fucking retarded?

  • Amanda Hess

    In which scenario is threatening to punch another human acceptable? If you're a homophobe, you're not allowed to punch someone, but if someone calls you a homophobe, then you are?

  • J

    Doug just did an interview on DC 101 to defend himself. It was wrong of him to threaten someone, but that blogger guy is notorious for twisting words around. He purposely tried to trick Doug Mckelway into looking like a homophobe, which he clearly is not.

  • Amanda Hess

    J, I do understand McKelway's position---I, too, have questioned Rogers' tactics:

    But it just doesn't matter. There was no twisting of words with McKelway said, "I’m gonna take you outside and give you a punch across the face.” That response doesn't make any sense in any context. Both of them were clearly trying to make the other person look really bad. Only one of them threatened violence.

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  • veee

    "reporter" huh
    "anchor" what????
    don't know who these right wingers are ... or how they ever get names like reporters and anchors. they don't qualify. they're just bigots with funding.