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The Male Pill Will Rise Again

Please, Lord, say it's so: a new study on the use of testosterone as a male contraceptive says the shit would work:

For thirty months, the men were injected with 500mg of testosterone undecanoate in tea seed oil once a month. The treatment was 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, and after the study ended all but two of the men had their fertility levels return to normal.

According to Jezebel, "Scientists have been trying to develop a male Pill for almost two decades, but progress has been slow. . . . large pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to perform large trials and many people believe that women wouldn't trust men to take the pill."

Oh noes, shifting of responsibilities? Yeah, you know what, I think I could handle it.

  • Conrad Davis

    This is great news.

    One worry: Is there data showing the impact of increased use of hormonal birth control on the use of barrier contraception among women? I tend to think that an effective oral contraceptive for men might reduce their use of condoms, and therefore increase the transmission of STIs.

  • mdesus

    ding ding ding. We've got a winner