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Jesus License Plates: A Proposition We Can All Believe In

Last month, Virginia liberals were up in arms over the state's proposal to offer a "Choose Life" vanity plate option at the DMV. On March 30, Gov. Tim Kaine signed the plates into law.

Now, a new proposition would allow Florida drivers to choose Christ. Drivers could also choose Cross In Front of Stained Glass. When the proposed legislation surfaced, Democratic state senator Nan Rich urged Gov. Charlie Crist to veto the Jesus plate.

Crist responded that those who didn't want Jesus on their license plates "don’t have to buy one."

Which raises the question: Who wouldn't want Jesus on their license plate? Look how fucking sweet that is! This is a momentous occasion: A vanity plate that both right-wing religious drivers and ironic liberal drivers can both believe in.

  • Darrow Montgomery

    Will it be available with any common names other than Sam?

  • mdesus

    I want a 4gdtime jesus plate. Can we make this happen?

  • Hill Rat

    I'm not offended by Jesus being on a license plate, but for fuck's sake did they have to make him blond?

  • Conrad Davis

    Imagine all the hilarious unintended license plates with jesus on the cross:

    I would buy one of those in a second.

  • Amanda Hess

    how about:


    this is fun!

  • Darrow Montgomery


  • Coleman

    how about


    probably taken by some stupid college-themed plate

  • Coleman

    Oh, man...I just got "So tired"